December 18, 2010

Travel ban for English Defence League Birmingham men

Two English Defence League supporters have been banned from joining protests outside their home city for 10 years

Richard Price, 41, and Collum Keyes, 23, were given Anti-social Behaviour Orders (Asbo) restricting their protests to Birmingham until 2020. Police said it was the first time the ban had been applied to anyone linked to the group, which says it is against Islamic extremism and terrorism.

The pair previously pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct at a march in May. They had also pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour during the protest in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, and were sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Lord Parmoor sentenced Price to 12 weeks in prison and and fined Keyes £150. He said both men travelled with the group to foment disorder and gave them a 10-year Asbo to stop them taking part in or controlling any protest more than 10 miles away from Birmingham city centre. They have also been banned from distributing any material for the group or encouraging others to attend protests outside the city.

Det Con Andy Haworth, of the National Domestic Extremism Unit, said: "While the defence leagues are entitled to protest, violence has been a persistent feature of their demonstrations, and we hope the success of today's application will prevent that violence."

Pc Mike Ellis, of Thames Valley Police, said: "This is a clear signal to those who would use violence and disorder to further their extreme and racist views, to intimidate and create fear within minority communities."



Anonymous said...

Just read this on a nazzer blog

"Griffarage isn't going to stand in Oldham, Derek Adams is to be the candidate.(fall guy)

According to our information."

Anonymous said...

According to Eddy Butlers page


Readers will be aware that Nick Griffin had declared his intention to contest the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election. Polling day has now been set for 13th January. This is somewhat earlier than many people expected.

Given his court victory (and Nick Griffin will have been aware of the ruling for the past week as it was released early to the opposing teams) one would have expected him to really want to ‘go for it’ in Oldham.

However he has decided to step aside in favour of that perennial stooge candidate Derek Adams.

This has caused considerable upset with various people not being consulted and so forth.

Clearly Nick Griffin fears a bad result in Oldham so he has scuttled and left the faithful Adams to pick up the pieces."

Anonymous said...

Clearly Nick Griffin fears a bad result in Oldham so he has scuttled and left the faithful Adams to pick up the pieces

Word on the ground is that BNP have canvassed and were getting shit returns. Griffin does not want to be associated with a poor result.

Anonymous said...

"Ban for 10 years"

I'm not happy with ths verdict.

A 10 restriction on civil liberty and freedom of expression.

The state has a long track record of issuing new repressive methods against the fascists (Public Order Act 1936) which they then turn on the left (ie us)