December 10, 2010

Sikhs show opposition to EDL’s march

Muslim and Sikh leaders meet at the Faizan e Madina Mosque [Wednesday] night
Representatives from Peterborough’s Sikh community came out in opposition to the English Defence League (EDL) at a city mosque.

Representatives from the two Gurdwaras in Peterborough met with Muslims from local mosques at the Faizan e Madina Mosque in Gladstone Street last night. Their purpose was to show their support to the city’s Muslim community and to distance themselves from [an] EDL leader Gurmeet Singh, who is also a Sikh.

A statement signed by representatives from Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara Sahib and Gurdwara Baba Budha Sahib Ji said: “On behalf of the Peterborough Sikhs we vehemently oppose the views of the EDL and any of its members. In Peterborough, Sikhs have worked hard to build relationships with other religious communities and have expressed our concern that this demonstration could upset the balance of the wider community.”

Peterborough Today


Exposa said...

It's funny how EDL members are making comments about wanting the police to beat up and kill demonstrators, when they themselves complain about heavy handed policing: -

I just read these comments on the EDL's Zetaboards: -

(dudleyanglosaxon, Thu Dec 9, 9:34 PM Post #211) "Time to use more force on these anarchists!! bullets if necessary..."

(dudleyanglosaxon Yesterday, 10:06 PM Post #217) "Throw them in the fcukin River Thames!"

(birmingham-loyal, Thu Dec 9 2010, 10:04 PM) Id drowned the work shy cnuts with a water cannon and leave them out in the cold all night..."

The real reason why they want the cops to treat their very own racist thugs with inpunity, while beating up, drowning and shooting student fees marchers Pinochet-style is summed-up by EDL member Wodin:

(Wodin) "Why the fcuk should we pay for a load of students education when all they do is protest against the EDL?"

I'm pretty sure Wodin is also on Stormfront, and is an Odin-worshipping senior BNP member who has joined the EDL to make sure they become anti-leftwing as much as anti-Muslim.

parker said...

Interresting comment on the fash blog griffin watch today, I checked griffin’s twitter and he does make an threatening coment bout the bnp list leaker. Griffin should with luck act in a normal deranged way and we can see him in court for yet another disasertous court case! Bring on 2011.

"Off subject for a second. I see it didn’t take long for Griffin to start getting nasty after crashing out the case with the ’07 Decembrists’. On Griffin’s Twitter account he’s making some muted threats against the list leaker and his old buddies. The word from within is that now he has nothing left to loose, Griffin is seeking retribution for the list leaking. Also, this has been reported to the police and they are taking it seriously. Griffin has no right at all to try and lump these good nationalists in with one bad apple.

9 December 2010 23:04"