December 12, 2010

Leicester UAF stages flash protest at Nazi BNP conference

Leicester UAF gave members of the Nazi British National Party a surprise at the fascists’ annual conference today.

BNP leader Nick Griffin and his cohorts had kept the party’s conference venue secret, but antifascists discovered at 4pm on Friday afternoon that the Nazis were booked into the Best Western Leicester Stage Hotel at Wigston Fields, Leicester.

A speedy mobilisation by Leicester UAF saw around 60 people turn out at 2pm on Saturday, with placards and banners outside the hotel on the main road into Leicester.

Leicester UAF says:
'It was really good. We called it yesterday at about 4pm, and there were 60 people. It was very lively, cars driving past on both sides of the dual carriageway beeped their horns in support. One carload of young lads pulled up and they got out and joined us. We had lots of local support.'
The demonstrators’ chants included “Best Western? Best not!” and antifascists have also sent complaints to the hotel chain’s customer services department asking why they are hosting a fascist organisation.

Unite Against Fascism

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Anonymous said...

Well done to the anti-fascists who mobilised at short notice.