December 02, 2010

Far-right group's meeting cancelled by pub

A pub landlord has shut the door on the English Defence League after they hired out a function room under a different name.

The Kent branch of the EDL – a far-right group set up last year to oppose the spread of Islamic extremism across the country - had made plans to hold a meeting at O'Connells, Chatham, at 8pm tonight.

Labour councillor Vince Maple, who actively campaigns for the Love Music Hate Racism campaign, said the pub had now cancelled the booking.

"I have spoken to pub and police and they confirmed, unsurprisingly, that the room was booked in a different name and the pub had no idea the EDL were planning to use their venue. They have now confirmed there will be no meeting of any description tomorrow."

Chief Inspector Peter de Lozey added: "Kent police in Medway have been made aware that there is information circulating that the English Defence League plan to hold a meeting tonight at a public house in Medway. We have spoken with the licensee of the pub in question and have been advised that the meeting will not be going ahead."

Kent News


Farmer said...

The fascist scumbags have been copying the BNP, who try to host rooms using the name "Trafalgar Club".

Just been having some fun reading the Fash Scum Zetaboards, where the tossfucks are absolutely livid that Russia and Qatar will be hosting world cups.

Strange thing is, though, most EDLers have not heard of Qatar and DO NOT YET REALISE IT IS A MUSLIM COUNTRY.

What a treat they have in-store. I'd like to see the racist loouts try to hold an anti-Muslim riot in Qatar!!!


I think I've just crapped myself laughing at these lowlifes. Someone please pass me an Andex Puppy.

Sadly for the racist losers, the EDL will not exist by 2018, just like the BNP are on their last legs in present day 2010.

Anonymous said...

They are copying the trafalgar club.

Rude Alf said...

What fake name are the proud to be english (but hiding behind a fake name) twats using? The Bnp use english heritage aswell as trafalgar club round ere.

Anonymous said...

Strange thing is, though, most EDLers have not heard of Qatar and DO NOT YET REALISE IT IS A MUSLIM COUNTRY.

They probably don't realise, or care, that Qatar a key Western ally in the so-called 'War on Terror', along with the other Gulf States.

Sadly for the racist losers, the EDL will not exist by 2018

Hope so but something tells me that the EDL may be around for some time to come. There are hooligan firms out there which have been in existence for decades and the EDL follow a similar dynamic and composition (it's not a 'normal' political movement). Sadly the EDL have be having their demos well into this decade.

La Di Da Gunner Graham said...

I've heard that the Denseleys are planning another "Big One", which is presumably the follow-up to the "Little Big One" they had in Bradford that went so badly wrong. This time it's in Luton.

Anyroad, by all accounts there's going to be a national mobilization in order to show the thick racist wankers that they're not wanted anywhere where the people can read, or think.

Feb 5th is the day to drive 'em off the streets!

ex-fascist said...

"Far right activist dies at 82

WELL-KNOWN former National Front activist and British National Party Parliamentary candidate Barbara Packer died last week."

I don't usually like to speak ill of the dead, but wasn't this the woman who used to send younger members around to the homes of Asian people to break their windows?

Anonymous said...