December 05, 2010

Nuneaton traders call for ban on any more EDL demos

Businesses in Nuneaton have threatened to “shut up shop” if another rally by the English Defence League is allowed to go ahead in the town on a Saturday afternoon.

Calls have already been made by the borough council and the MP for action to be taken by the Home Secretary to prevent a repeat of last weekend’s arrival of 1,500 EDL supporters. A massive police operation contained and controlled the demonstration away from the main shopping area – but store owners and stall holders were still left to count the cost, with takings badly hit.

“In 42 years, this was the worst Saturday afternoon I have ever known,” said Stuart Tooby, who sells confectionery and is a spokesman for Nuneaton market traders. “It is the first time I have failed to take enough money to meet my day’s costs. I had to pay staff out of my own pocket. After lunchtime, the town was absolutely deserted. Shoppers stayed away because they were frightened of what might happen.

“The manager of one main store told me their takings were 50 per cent down. Others closed early and everyone started to pack up their stalls around 3pm. This is people’s livelihoods we are talking about – and we are not prepared to be put into this situation again.”

Mr Tooby said that traders will refuse to turn out if the EDL stages another Saturday demo in Nuneaton.

“Why should we be forced to lose money? We have made our feelings known to the council – and have suggested that in such circumstances, perhaps we could have the street market on a Friday or Sunday instead.”

Council leader Dennis Harvey said: “Nuneaton has now been targeted four times by the EDL and it is a mystery why they should pick on our town to cause disruption. It did have a disastrous effect on businesses last Saturday afternoon, as well as stretching the police resources. I do have to congratulate the police for the way they organised their operation and also thank everyone, traders and shoppers, who did try to go about their business as normal.”

A letter has gone from the borough council to Theresa May asking her to block any future EDL requests to meet in Nuneaton, while local MP Marcus Jones has also pressed the Home Secretary to take action. He said: “It is unfair that our town has been targeted in this way, by people from outside the area coming in to cause disruption. It also puts businesses and people’s jobs at risk.”

Coventry Telegraph


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the Extremely Densers will make of this, they'll probably go into to denial and claim that Mr Tooby doesn't represent "Enlgishness" and they have the right to promote islamic extremism wherever they choose!

One question though, does Nuneaton actually have a large ethnic community?

Anonymous said...

Nuneaton is targeted because Nuneaton council have said that when they replace their Christmas lights sorry winter lights they will be replaced with ones that doesn't represent Christianity, so not to offend other religous groups, but it obviously doesn't mind offending Christians. Fuckin left wing do gooders deserve all they get.

Antifascist said...

'Fuckin left wing do gooders deserve all they get.'

And that's your idea of a Christian response, is it?

Anonymous said...

I never see any EDL at our my church fundraisers or on a sunday morning. I thought wetherspoons (a pub chain making life for the traditional english pub so difficult many are closing) was their place of worship.

UK Fightback said...

And the last time any of you cnuts from the EDL went to church was?

Anonymous said...

I thought wetherspoons.....was their place of worship.

Yes, they pray at the feet of Saint Stella Artois.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin left wing do gooders deserve all they get.

Be a good Christian and forgive us then:

For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. (Matthew 6:14-15)

Flea said...

I think the main point I'm worried about is that nobody at the market really questions the legitimacy of edl in this article - even saying they'll just do their market on a non-edl march day. it's just bad for profits. so is this capitalism stopping edl when it should be US?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise Nuneaton market traders were all fucking left wing do gooders.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, 8:58 PM, December 05, 2010: What do Christmas lights that represent Christianity look like; and how do they differ from non-Christian lights?