December 17, 2010

BNP leader Nick Griffin avoids contempt of court penalties

BNP escapes penalties but equality watchdog still claims victory saying legal action forced changes to party constitution

BNP leader Nick Griffin has fought off a bid to have him declared guilty of contempt of court. The Equality and Human Rights Commission accused him of failing to comply with a central London county court judgment ordering the removal of potentially racist clauses from his party's constitution.

Robin Allen QC, appearing for the watchdog, said the BNP was "playing with" the commission and its officials instead of obeying the judgment. But Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Mr Justice Ramsey, sitting at the high court in London, refused to take action against Griffin, BNP deputy Simon Darby and party officer Tanya Lumby.

The commission was seeking fines against them for contempt, or possibly the sequestration of party assets. The application stemmed from the county court's ruling that the BNP constitution breached discrimination laws because of a clause banning non-white members. The constitution underwent revision, but last March Judge Paul Collins ruled at the county court that the new version was indirectly discriminatory against those of mixed-race because it required party applicants to oppose "any form of integration or assimilation of ... the indigenous British".

Another section required new members to submit to a two-hour vetting visit at their home by BNP officials, which Collins ruled could be seen as "intimidatory". The county judge ordered both sections to be removed from the constitution.

The commission took the BNP to the high court accusing it of being in contempt by failing to comply with that order. Today, as BNP supporters demonstrated outside the royal courts of justice, Lord Justice Moore-Bick said he had reached "the clear conclusion" that the commission's legal action could not succeed.

The commission's legal group director, John Wadham, said today's ruling "makes no difference to the substance of our action against the BNP", which had finally obeyed the county court judgment.

"Mr Griffin failed to properly implement that judgment until we took these proceedings in the high court. When the commission began proceedings against the BNP in June last year the party's constitution was plainly illegal. We asked that they amend it at the time. Had they done so we could have avoided court proceedings. Eighteen months and seven court hearings later Mr Griffin has finally amended the constitution to bring it in line with what the commission had originally requested."

Wadham said the commission would continue to monitor any changes to the BNP's constitution "to ensure membership is made genuinely accessible".

"If we consider that it is not we will decide what regulatory action may again be necessary."



Anonymous said...

What a facking farce!!!

Anonymous said...

Note to BNP members (I know you obsessively read this blog)

This 'victory' is very much a pyrrhic victory. Don't forget the High Court litigation was on the narrow point as to whether your illustrious leader complied with HHJ Collins order of the 12th March '10.

Yes, Griffin will get his costs for the High Court hearings but will still be liable for the CEHR's costs the County Court litigation. As he dragged out that case to the n'th degree these are likely to be extremely high.

It's a virtual certainly the BNP will be out of pocket when the costs of this whole sorry episode are 'taxed'. Futhermore, the undelying indebtedness of the BNP still hasn't gone away.

Merry Christmas!!!


Anonymous said...

In the "Daily Heil" article on this Richard Barnbrook is photographed outside the High Court gurning for the cameras in front of anti-fascist protesters.

After being rejected by the EDL, is he trying to worm his way back into the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Well, if we can't beat them in the Courts - always an unlikely prospect, I guess we'll have to continue beating them at the Ballot Box!

Onto Oldham and Saddleworth!

Birmingham Bill said...

I had a certainty the dirty old ratbag would get off again. But what the BNP says and what it does are, as we all know two completely different things. It is still a RACIST party, founded on the principles of racism and fascism (which they cannot hide) and is led by a white supremacist egomaniac villain, again, he cannot hide that.

Ben Trunch said...

I expected this, given the reserved judgement. Anything else would have allowed PigPen and his pals to play the martyr card.

Hopefully the costs will go against the BNP; in fact I think some costs orders have already been made against them?

I see the BNP website are already touting to bleed the illiterate sheeple of their cash for the Oldham by-election. Griffin has no morals. He puts his snout in other people's troughs...

And the BNP want to be called by their full party name. OK, Bloody Nasty People of the British Nazi Party; have it your way!

Anonymous said...

Watched Griffin's 'victory' speech outside the Court on the Guardian website.

Notice how he presumes to speak for the entire British people, not mentioning that 98% of them didn't vote for his Party at the last election.

Anonymous said...

Notice how he presumes to speak for the entire British people, not mentioning that 98% of them didn't vote for his Party at the last election.

Yes every idiot politician claims that they speak for the whole of a group of people. Annoying!

Anonymous said...

Note to BNP member......This 'victory' is very much a pyrrhic victory.

Given the state of their party, they'll take anything at present. Already their blogs and forums are full of BS comparing this to Dunkirk, Waterloo etc.

Anonymous said...

"In the "Daily Heil" article on this Richard Barnbrook is photographed outside the High Court"

I noticed that. Barnbrook must be one lovestruck dumb puppy, how many times must griffin dump on him before he takes the hint.

Griffin took the whip, spect barnbrook thinks that just an end of their s & m games.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I see the scummy shitbags are using the wording "Emergency Appeal" for the Oldham / saddleworth election...... FFS will these bastards sink any lower..... Why the fuck does'nt Gri££in pay for it himself?.... It was a rhetorical question BTW :-)

I wonder if ALL the appeal money to fight the race gestapo has been 'spent'? I hope the shitbag polls less than anyone ever in that seat.

Anonymous said...

A temporary blip on the BNP's inexorable downward trajectory.

Anonymous said...

Well done sir Nick, long live the BNP.

Antifascist said...

'Well done sir Nick, long live the BNP.'

Sorry, just had to let that one through for the stupidity value. Well, it made me laugh. Sir Nick, indeed.

Anonymous said...

'Well done sir Nick, long live the BNP.'

A knight, brave and true, wouldnt run like griffin did at parliament green... which makes me think he is more likely to be a queen.

A fat one at that

Anonymous said...

Anti-fascist do you consider a no platform policy, an act of fascism?.

Antifascist said...

'Anti-fascist do you consider a no platform policy, an act of fascism?'

No, I call it good sense.

Anonymous said...

Well done Sir Blimp, a victory for cowardice!

Wolfie said...

As usual, the far right talk boards are full of the idea that Griffin is a "state asset" and that he's been "allowed" ro "in" the case, so that he can continue to sabotage the BNP.

They're so far right that they're living in wonderland

Anonymous said...

As usual, the far right talk boards are full of the idea that Griffin is a "state asset"

These are the same people who believe the Protocols of Zion is a real work and not a Tsarist forgery.

I detest Griffin but the thought that he is some undercover state asset is laughable.