June 23, 2011

BNP leader Griffin addresses demonstrators outside court

British National Party leader Nick Griffin led a demonstration outside Bolton Crown Court yesterday in response to a high-profile case involving an alleged child prostitution ring.

The controversial politician, who was joined by about 30 BNP activists, spoke to the assembled crowd on a megaphone as his supporters waved placards and handed out leaflets. A BNP trailer blaring out the theme from Dam Busters was also being driven around the town centre. There was a large police presence in Black Horse Street as officers from Bolton and Rochdale ensured the demonstration passed off peacefully.

It was triggered by a preliminary hearing in a Rochdale court case which was being heard in Bolton yesterday. Eight men from Rochdale are accused of offences including rape, paying for the sexual services of a child, trafficking a child and controlling child prostitution. They have yet to plead to the charges.

Mr Griffin, who was accompanied by a bodyguard, said: “We want to keep the pressure on so action is taken in every town.”

Among the demonstrators was local BNP candidate Dorothy Sayers. She said: “We’re not racist. We’re simply standing up for the British people because no other party is prepared to.”

But onlookers condemned the demonstration. Rev Les Allmark, the Bolton town centre chaplain, said: “This is racist propaganda. If they were here every time there was a paedophilia trial they might get more respect. What we’re seeing here is a small number of activists trying to stir up trouble where there is none.”

Worker Helen Jones added: “I don’t think there’s any place for the BNP in our country. All they do is promote intolerance, ignorance and prejudice in a way that will ultimately divide communities. We live in a multicultural society and we should be embracing that, not inciting hatred.”

Nishielle-Tamar Lloyd, aged 20, from Heaton, who was waiting for a bus nearby, said: “I don’t agree with it. I’m a Christian and something doesn’t feel Christian about what they’re saying.”

Police said the event passed peacefully. Insp Paul Murphy, who was overseeing the operation, said: “We’re here to facilitate a peaceful protest and prevent a breach of the peace.”

The Bolton News


CT said...

Mr Griffin, who was accompanied by a bodyguard, said: “We want to keep the pressure on so action is taken in every town.”

The pressure? What fucking pressure? The guys are already in court.

waxylemon said...

A pathetic display of desperation by Griffo and his bunch of oddball friends. Quite a bit of chat on the edl facebook page about how the bnp could be the brains and the edl the muscle in a new political wave. More like arse and elbow if you ask me.

A real and tolerant Christian said...

It's pretty funny when the party that claims it represents Christians in this country is criticised by a (real) vicar and a Christian. LOL

Anonymous said...

The BNP desperately try to keep up a public facade as the whole rotten edifice of their party collapses around them. What a slimy bunch of opportunists.

Anonymous said...

"Quite a bit of chat on the edl facebook page about how the bnp could be the brains and the edl the muscle in a new political wave."

The BNP to be the brains? I'm not normally attracted to fascist organisations but that's one I'd love to see.

Anonymous said...

(b)bnp =(/b) British Nonces Party
see this blog passim

I suggest Grifin gets his own houde in order,

Old Sailor

irishtony said...

The theme music to Dambusters a movie about bouncing bombs. That should be a sufficient distraction to the gullible members so they can overlook the bouncing cheques as fatboy lines his sky rocket!!

How pathetic can Dick get?? This is lowest common demoniater stuff, desperation and clutching at straws. Less than 10 councillors now, less than 4000 paid up members and numerous pending court cases. What Dick needs is another appearance on Question Time That should finish the BNP off for once and for all


Anonymous said...

Did I read somewhere that Griffin used young members of the NF to clear asbestos from his pig-farm a few years ago? If so, wonder if they were issued with protective clothing? Oh and I didn't see the BNP protesting when an NF member was in court for neglecting and abusing a child. Same with that EDL nonce convicted recently.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an EDL-type stunt from the fat pig farmer Griffo from Welshpool.

NewsHound said...



Next Time Slash The Tyres said...

Who's paying the price of the petrol tenfold for the trailer?

Anonymous said...

Yes did you see Mark Walker interviewing Gri££in about asain sex preditures, what a cheek with is back ground in sexual behavour towards women. He is a disgusting pervert!

Anonymous said...

Only 37 bnp turned up for this National call up.(what a joke party this is}

Anonymous said...

Griffin has introduced a proxy vote for his Enabling Act resolution to Sunday's General Meeting figuring most of the armchair members won't know about what he's been up to and will support him.

He claims to have 1000 returns which will all be kept sealed until the meeting but in the meantime he's got his internet attack dogs telling everyone they've been opened and that there's an overwhelming majority in favour of his Enabling Act.

Obviously he's trying to sew the seeds of confusion but here's a thought - how comes he's got 1000 forms back already? Has the BNP suddenly got more members than it had at the time of last year's leadership challenge?

By opening up a row about whether or not the envelopes have been opened he's trying to deflect anyone from asking how many of the returned forms are actually genuine.

Shrewd cookie that boy, it's gotta be said.