June 10, 2011

EDL needs lessons in English

In last week’s column I pointed out that some members of the English Defence League – who plan to demonstrate in Dewsbury on Saturday – seem to have a fairly shaky grasp of their own language.

An EDL spokesman urged his comrades to join him in Dewsbury by declaring on Facebook that “were losing our culture.” We’re losing our apostrophes, more like.

Perusing Facebook this week, I discovered that a few people did not appreciate my initial report about the league’s plan to demonstrate in Dewsbury. It seems I touched a raw nerve with some of the more sensitive members of the EDL by describing their group as “far-right”.

A couple of them deployed some choice Anglo-Saxon words in expressing their rejection of that label.

“The artical in question is a load of crock,” added another contributor.

Someone claiming to be “Yorkshire EDL Dewsbury Division” directed his colleagues towards the Examiner’s website, encouraging them to vent their fury. He wrote: “Feel free to leave comments the leftys and unedjucated have been commenting”.

Now I’ll admit that some Examiner website users can be a little sloppy with their spelling. But I think accusing them of being “unedjuacted”, or even “uneducated”, is far from right.

Which is not the same as “far-right”, by the way.

Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Thanks to NewsHound for the heads-up

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