June 15, 2011

Ebay and Paypal dump the EDL

No surrender to Al Qaeda, just Ebay and Paypal
News has reached us that both Ebay and Paypal have closed down accounts owned by The English Defence League.

Announcing the news on their Facebook page,admins tried to reassure angry members who had paid money for items so far not received.

It isn't clear yet as to the reasons behind the closure, however there is a strong possibility that after months of flaunting Ebay's strict rules and regulations, the EDL broke one rule too many.

Paypal along with closing down the EDL account have frozen all the EDL's money held in their account. This will no doubt leave a serious dent in the EDL's all important merchandising operation.

Hope not hate


Andrew said...

The EDL just need to ask what makes them unacceptable to PayPal, but the BNP acceptable. Then their problem will be solved. The reason being, that nearly a decade ago I complained to PayPal about their handling of the BNP's income, and never got a reply. Paypal continued to give many years' more loyal service to Nick and his chums. Even to this day I will never use Paypal, I will never trust them, and have advised many others to avoid using them.

Anonymous said...

Simon Bennett strikes again HA HA

Anonymous said...

answer to andrew's question is sadly bnp are a legal outfit,broke but legal.where as edl are not.WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING IS KNOWN AS A pincer movement.9xzulug

Anonymous said...

Paypal and Ebay are just money-making rip-off merchants who don't really give a damn about customers and sellers alike. They like to avoid hassle so act on complaints by deleting anything complained about. Paypal froze my account for 6 months with no valid reason given (suspicious activity, possible money-laundering they said after I sent my mother £200 by paypal) and I was just selling non-political stuff on ebay, mainly clothes my kids had been given when born and never worn as they were the wrong size/colour. My ebay account remained open but not much use without paypal (who are the same company as Ebay I do believe). No doubt paypal still drew interest on my £186.48 whilst it languished in their account. I thought about taking them to small claims court but they are based in Luxembourg and there wasn't much point.

My advice is, never keep more than £10 in your paypal account, transfer it straight to your bank.

Also, Ebay ban nazi stuff like badges, flags, etc. but make exceptions if you're selling Third Reich stamps or coins. What's the difference?

Anonymous said...

This'll put a dent in little Tommy Wobinson's holiday plans this year ;)

Anonymous said...

The EDL supporters will just have to go to a sex shop to get their gimp suits now!