June 24, 2011

Edmonton mosque among targets of 'hate mail campaign'

An Edmonton mosque was the target of hate mail and a package of suspect powder sent through the post.

The Edmonton Islamic Centre was among a host of mosques across the UK targeted in a suspected hate mail campaign over the last few weeks.

Tariq Chaudhri, secretary of the trust which runs the centre, called in police after opening a package on Tuesday, June 14. He told the Enfield Independent: “The envelope seemed a bit heavier than usual, and when I opened it some powder came out. I washed my hands and put the letter to one side, and called police.”

Officers evacuated the centre, in Raynham Road, as a precaution, just after 1pm, until specialist officers had determined the powder was harmless.

An accompanying letter included, according to Mr Chaudhri, insults to the Prophet Mohammed and offensive drawings. He added: “We haven't had any problems here before, we've got a good relationship with the community and don't have problems with extremist views. It seems someone is going round [the] whole of London, it has happened in quite a few places.”

The Met confirmed it is investigating a series of suspicious packages being sent to mosques around London, Dorset, Merseyside, Sussex, and Gloucestershire. The North London Central Mosque in Finsbury Park was among those targeted, and police have sent a letter to all mosques in the capital warning them to be cautious when opening mail.

No one has been arrested, and detectives are looking at whether the incidents are linked.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the EDL at work.

No-wonder why there are no arrests!!!

paul said...

The BNP seem to get the attention of the EDL bigwigs who appreciate the fact that the BNP have wheels and go that one racist step further with larger-scale shows of public hate, being a crappy albeit bonafied political party (of sorts).

Unless they become a political party themselves like the Daily Star desired them to become, the EDL won't ever have the chance, like their BNP cousins, to move-up the political ladder.

The only string to Yaxley-Lennon's bow at the moment, is some rather dodgy merchandising.

Anonymous said...

Enfield, just north of Edmonton, has had a core of Nazi activists living there for years.

Anonymous said...

Of course the powder would be harmeless.

The EDL are stupid but not THAT stupid, and would not waste good "Columbian marching powder" when ordinary flour or talc would suffice.