June 04, 2011

EDL's protest will not spoil carnival, say police

Police are reassuring people that a protest by the English Defence League in Maidenhead will not ruin carnival weekend.

The EDL, which classes itself as a human rights organisation, plans the demonstration for Saturday, June 11, the same day as the carnival's Iron Man Challenge and children's activities in Kidwells Park. Officers assure the public that this will be a low key demonstration without the violence and racial tensions seen in other towns.

A letter sent to traders in the town signed jointly by Royal Borough chief executive Ian Trenholm and Local Police Area Commander Supt Tim de Meyer states: "The proposed demonstration in Maidenhead is much smaller and of a different format to events in other nearby towns.

"The EDL say that peaceful protest is their objective for the day and are working with the police to agree a suitable route and meeting place so that the carnival and town centre businesses will not be disrupted."

The Royal Borough Observer

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Anonymous said...

Why do people continue to spout this bullshit: -

"The EDL, which classes itself as a human rights organisation"

Hitler-lover Alan Lake obviously has great influence in the media with his PR nonsense.