June 07, 2011

The far-right Jewish voice split and in 'disarray'

The hardline Jewish activist Roberta Moore was this week accused of being a divisive figure in the far-right's attempts to enlist support from members of the mainstream Jewish community.

A year ago the extreme right-wing English Defence League launched a "Jewish Division" to encourage the community to "lead the counter-Jihad fight". Led by Brazilian-born Ms Moore, the division attempted to link to the far-right American Jewish Task Force, leading to tensions with the main EDL leadership.

In February an EDL spokesman admitted Ms Moore's "gung-ho attitude" had "caused a great deal of trouble and unrest".

A new group, the Jewish Defence League of Great Britain, has now also distanced itself from Ms Moore.

The JC understands the number of EDL Jewish Division supporters amount to around a dozen people, only a few of whom are actually Jewish. Clarifying exactly who supports which organisation, and how many genuine supporters groups have, is difficult because activists use aliases, fake profiles and secret codes in online forums.

Gavin Williams, who claims to be a non-Jewish former administrator of the division's Facebook group, said he had withdrawn his support over concerns about Ms Moore's conduct. He said: "What is being posted is mainly to do with Muslims. I told Roberta that the extremism had to stop. I've walked away because I don't want to be associated with it."

In a message posted on the Jewish Defence League of Great Britain's own Facebook group on Sunday, Andrew Gatward, who says he is an "Orthodox Jew of Hungarian descent", also attacked Ms Moore. He wrote: "She is not part of JDL Great Britain, nor are we associated with anything Ms Moore is involved in. We are nothing to do with the EDL's Jewish Division whatsoever. This woman and everything she does is dangerous for the Jewish cause."

But Ms Moore said: "I am not an extremist. These are lies from those who intend to destroy our group. Our division was created to support Jews and Israelis and to raise awareness of issues regarding terrorism and Islamisation. We work against Nazis, neo-Nazis, Islamo-nazis, racists, fascists, communists and socialists. Things stand as they always stood. Nothing has changed from the moment we opened our division. "

A CST spokesman said: "Members of the Jewish community have been repeatedly warned about the dangers of getting into bed with the EDL's actions and activists".

A joint initiative was launched last November by more than a dozen Jewish organisations in an attempt to combat Jewish support for the EDL.

Jewish Chronicle

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Anonymous said...

The JC understands the number of EDL Jewish Division supporters amount to around a dozen people, only a few of whom are actually Jewish.

There is no actual evidence that the person who calls herself "Roberta Moore" is of Jewish descent. She has publicy described herself as a pagan. Whatever she is, she seems a loose cannon to put it mildly and no wonder the EDL want shot of her.

Anonymous said...

Sha has on one particular nationalist forum called herself Wodin.

Read from this what you like, lol!

Andrew Gatward said...

Firstly can I put you straight on the point of the JDLGB being far right. We are not far right by any stretch of the imagination.
We are a non racist and non violent organisation.
I am Jewish, both my Father and Mother are Jewish, my Father was from Hungary, and he and my Grandfather were the only survivors of all the Family sent to the concentration camp called Auschwitz.
My Father fled to England at the start of the Hungarian uprising against the Russian occupation of the country, where he met my Mother who was British and a practicing Orthodox Jew. Within the Jewish race it is recognised that any ansestry comes from the Mother's side In my case both my parent's are Jewish

The JDLGB was formed after the EDL Jewish Division because of Roberta Moore and other's showed a lean to far right ideal's, and their open support of the BNP. There were many British Jews who were concerned about the EDL's association with the BNP, Combat18 the British Freedom Fighters to name but a few. Which prompted the formation of the Jewish Defence League Great Britain.
During conversations I had directly with Moore she expressed her support for the BNP and her hatred of ALL Muslim's. The JDLGB has Muslim member's and is open to anyone who is opposed to the far right is supportive of free speech, intigration of all religions nationalities, colours or crede's and supports the right of Israel to exist. We are totally opposed to Homophobia and welcome anyone from the gay communities.

I can say with confidence that the JDLGB is well organised and in no way part of the current "Roberta Moore" disarray because we have never been part of her vile fascist group or ideology.
The statement I made distancing the JDLGB from Moore and her groups was an assurance to any Jewish people wishing to join our fold that we reject her, the BNP and the EDL Jewish Division.
The JDLGB's main objectives is to bring together any Jew Muslim Hindu etc who oppose the far right Neo Nazi gang's, and Radical Islamists whose main objective in life is to see the Jewish race and Israel wiped from the face of the planet. We promote unity between all religion's and race's unlike the EDL Jewish division which is infected with neo Nazi's from all far right group's, and target's all Muslim's.
Roberta Moore as far as we have been able to determine has NO Jewish link's or ancestry.
During an internet conversation I had with her she also claims to have served in the Israel Defence Force and again we have been unable to find any evidence to confirm her claim.

All members of the JDLGB are heavily vetted before being accepted as a member of the organisation. Anyone, and there have only been two, who have shown any form of racism bigotry or hatred in their posts have been banned. ALL our members use their real names!.

The EDL Jewish Division has been reformed 3 times now. Initially the membership was over 900. I personally gave out the warning to any Jews in that membership to leave because of the EDL's BNP association. Moore then closed the group and re-opened it again with the membership peaking out at about 450. Again the warning was passed around that any Jews in that membership should leave for their own safety. For some reason she then closed the group again and re-started it and I am inclined to agree that very few if any Jews remain members of the EDL Jewish Division.

The JDLGB is NOT under any circumstances far right. It is moderate in it's view's, Pro unity, non racist well organised and very clear in it's aim's and objectives.

Moore is a fascist, bigot and a racist her vile rantings behind the scenes make her public one's look tame. The JDLGB will ALWAYS distance it's self from people like her and it will make it's posts public. This does not mean there is any suggestion of disarray within our organisation. Simply that we are making it clear to all that we do not associate our selves with vermin like Moore.


Andrew Gatward

Jeff Cohen said...

You know that's the same Andrew Gatward who used to be in the BNP - the one who has a fascination for Nazi Memorabilia: The paradox of Andrew Gatward: (fake?) convert to Islam.

BNP organiser (now ex); obsessed with Muslims; a convert to Islam; now apparently Jewish with an ever-changing backstory; began a JDL chapter (JDL_GB) - now there is one, co-run by arch-chameleon the Brazilian Israeli English British Pagan Jewish JTF/JDL supporter Roberta Moore.