June 15, 2011

EDL leader Stephen Lennon faces Blackburn assault charge

The founder of the English Defence League (EDL) has been charged with assault following an altercation at a rally in Lancashire.

Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, was arrested in connection with a brawl at the EDL demonstration in Blackburn on 2 April.

On Wednesday, he was charged with one count of common assault. Mr Lennon, 28, of Layham Drive, Luton, is due to appear at Blackburn Magistrates' Court on 24 June.


Thanks to Abu and Gregg for the heads-up

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Wolfie said...

And on a positive note, the JRF have just produced a film about the city of bradford's response to the EDL rally. it can be seen heer http://www.jrf.org.uk/work/work-area/bradford-programme/when-hate-came-to-town and it shows that a lot of good things came out of what could have been an ugly situation.