June 24, 2011

EDL founder in court after far-right rally clashes

The founder of the English Defence League (EDL) will appear in court today accused of common assault.

Stephen Lennon, also known as Tommy Robinson, was arrested after a rally of the far-right group in Blackburn, Lancashire, on April 2.

The demonstration saw minor skirmishes among the 2,000 members of the group who had gathered in the centre of the town. Police kept EDL supporters about 150 metres apart from a counter-protest by around 500 anti-fascists.

Lennon, 28, of Layham Drive, Luton, will appear on bail at Blackburn Magistrates Court.

Evening Standard


Anonymous said...

He'll get away with it. He's a grass.

tosey said...

Indeed. Yaxley always gets off cos he's working for the security forces and special branch.

The same applies for his tax dodging on his merchadise, for which he doesn't pay vat although he gets income over the tax threshold.

Figure out that one, lol!

And the EDL have the bloody gall to call Nigerians cheats!!!

Armed Forces (Lulz Division) said...

He should really be charged with being a lumpen chav with a propensity for violence.