June 07, 2011

Time running out for BNP rebels?

Griffin: Leader of a small fascist party
BNP leader has Nick Griffin has tonight decided to call the party's EGM [Emergency General Meeting] for Sunday 26th June in the Liverpool area. Not many people know this, but our source has just confirmed it and this could be the end of the party rebels' attempt to oust their troubled leader.

What with the expulsions and suspensions Griffin and his cronies have handed out of late, the meeting would probably be better suited to the nearest available phone box, whilst any remaining dissenters will no doubt be firmly dealt with by the Griffin loyalists who run Liverpool BNP.

There's a slight chance at this late hour that the BNP's other MEP, Andrew Brons, may feel the time is right to throw his name into the leadership contest. Brons has already set up a rival BNP website mirroring when he helped set up a rival newspaper to Griffin's when the two of them fell out while in the old National Front back in the 80's.

If Griffin gets his way at the EGM, he'll be party leader for five more years. And judging on his performances of late, I'm not going to call that a bad thing!

Nick Lowles/Hope not hate


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anarchist said...

If I didn't know better, I'd almost think that there was something wrong with having a strong, single leader of a unified, disciplined party.

Anonymous said...

The BNP has less than 3000 members now thanks to Gr££ins incompetance and the NIT WITS Jefferson and the Perv Brothers

Anonymous said...

Video now out of Gri££in storming into a meeting in Brussels abusing bnp members. This must be the final nail in Gri££ins Coffin! He as lost all respect of the membership. Griffin needs to be brought to Justice for Robbing 500000 of members money.

Anonymous said...

Griffin, Brons, Butler agitate in Brussels as BNP falls apart.





Anonymous said...

omg Gri££ins DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

Anonymous said...

after watching the 2 part brussels debacle video which has gone viral,where you can witness his own party members including brons clashing with griffin,HE IS ALL BUT DOOMED.as anne robinson famously quotes YOU(griffin)ARE THE WEAKEST LINK,GOODBYE(and good riddance)9xzulug