June 08, 2011

Former BNP Councillor Paul Golding heads Britain First nationalist movement

A former BNP councillor who was accused of “doing nothing” for his constituents is launching his own nationalist party.

Paul Golding, who stepped down as a Sevenoaks District councillor for the Swanley St Mary’s ward in February, is now director of Britain First. Mr Golding, whose latest venture is run from a Swanley postal address, told News Shopper he left his position as councillor because he had moved out of the area.

Mr Golding said in February: “I’ve moved out of the area. I didn’t think it was morally justified to keep getting the allowance. It’s as simple as that, no drama involved.”

In a campaign for Britain First, Mr Golding makes a swipe at other nationalist parties, asking: “Are you, like me, fed up of enduring the constant bickering, moaning, whinging and name-calling that is at present consuming what is left of the British patriotic movement?”

Mr Golding also accuses other parties of creating: “a constant stream of self inflicted media scandals and embarrassing gaffes that make all of us look ridiculous”.

The group also uses slogans including “if voting changed anything, it would be illegal” and “the voice of the silent majority”.

Mr Golding, who calls the movement “a modern political phenomenon” also says: “Now it is time for all patriots of stout heart to join forces, so that we can, once again, achieve progress and make an impact against the despicable traitors ruining our once green and pleasant land. We want our country back and we shall not rest until our land is free.”

Labour Councillor John Underwood, who still represents the Swanley St Mary’s ward for Sevenoaks District Council, said: “He can do what he likes as far as I’m concerned. I’m just glad he’s gone and out of my way.”

Paul Golding’s timeline of gaffes

February 2009 - Paul Golding is elected, beating Labour candidate Michael Hogg by 408 votes to 332.

August 2009 - He attends a BNP Red White and Blue family festival in Derbyshire - where an undercover News of the World reporter records a 12-year-old burning a gollywog. Mr Golding condemned these actions.

August 2009 - As part of the BNP’s anti-media campaign, Operation Fightback, he made a video to prove that a woman convicted of intimidating an Asian mother was not a BNP member. Later investigations confirmed that Helen Forster was a member, but had registered under a different name.

September 2009 - St Mary’s constituents accuse Mr Golding of “doing nothing” for them since his election.

October 2009 - The BNP threatens to boycott three News Shopper advertisers unless they pull their adverts, calling the paper “a particularly venomous anti-British left-wing propaganda outlet”.

February 2011 - Steps down as a Sevenoaks District Councillor.

News Shopper


Anonymous said...

yes who would give money to someone who had the chance to make a difference in the council chamber but blew it and did NOTHING....

Anyone who's seen one of these "sovereignty" newsletters will be struck by the similarity they bear to NGs own fund raising efforts.

Maybe he is still in cahoots with him? Who knows and whatever, he is just as big, though not in every sense of the word, conman as NG was.

Let down his voters, let down nationalism. A disgrace.

iliacus said...

"The voice of the silent majority"


the voice of one discredited fascist

Anonymous said...

This has "money scam" written all over it.

B31 Antifascist said...

And exactly who is funding this go-it-alone racist then??

He obviously thinks he can do a better (worse??) job of being Nicholas John Griffin than Nicholas John Griffin. Britain first...more like Golding first, Britain near the bottom of the pile.

Anonymous said...

Britain First may be a tool to bring down griffin be cutting his funding?

Anonymous said...

"B31 Antifascist said...
And exactly who is funding this go-it-alone racist then??"


Anonymous said...

Brons to challenge Griffin for leadership - up on Brons' idea website NOW

Anonymous said...

Brons taking Edmonds place in leadership battle!