June 26, 2011

Brought down...man who yelled abuse at EDL demo

Three men arrested after the English Defence League protests in Halifax have appeared in court.

Mark Martin, 23, of Four Gates End, Hebden Bridge, admitted using threatening words or behaviour during the demo on April 16.

Prosecutor Paul Ramsey said: “There were 200 members of the EDL congregated in Halifax to take part in a demonstration. Police had reason to arrest two men but at the time Martin was also present. He took exception to the arrest.”

He shouted abuse at the officer.

“It was said in the middle of Halifax on a busy Saturday morning and members of the public were present,” said Mr Ramsey. “He tried to run away from the police but he was rugby tackled to the ground,” he said.

Martin was given a 12-month community order. He was told to pay £85 costs.

Also appearing at Calderdale Magistrates’ Court were Richard McTear, 29, of Brooksbank Gardens, Elland, and Mark Swidrak, 32, from Keighley. McTear pleaded not guilty to failing to follow the instructions of a police officer issued when he was in Princess Street, Halifax. Swidrak also pleaded not guilty to two charges. He denied using abusive, threatening or insulting words at Cow Green, Halifax. Both also denied obstructing police officers in their duty.

They were both given conditional bail until their next hearing on July 9. Their joint trial was listed for September 5.

Halifax Courier

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