October 30, 2011

Bankrupt Nasty People

There's no money to pay the bills but Porky Griffin has a nice new suit
The British National Party is set to face allegations this week that it is a dangerous, bankrupt and fraudulent organisation.

An unfair dismissal case brought by a disgruntled ex-employee­ could put the final nail in the coffin of the crumbling party.

The far-right organisation’s head Nick Griffin is expected to give evidence at the hearing in Belfast this week which has allegations of theft and kidnapping hanging over it. Griffin is expected to be surrounded by strong security when he makes his Belfast trip.

It comes as furious creditors claim they are owed up to £700,000 by the party. A claim denied by the BNP. Former administrator Marian Thomas says she was sacked after she raised concerns over allegedly fraudulent claims made by the BNP. She alleges that she was instructed by the party’s treasurer to alter invoices and stamp an outstanding invoice as “paid”. This is denied by the treasurer.

She says the invoices were submitted to the Electoral Commission and had been altered in order for it to appear that the BNP had complied with the law on election spending. Thomas claimed on BBC’s Panorama ­earlier this month that she was held against her will by BNP “heavies” ­demanding she hand over incriminating documents.

The hearing comes as the BNP, which has been rocked by savage infighting, holds its annual ­conference in a secret venue ­believed to be in Liverpool this weekend. The party is under investigation by the European Union and the Met Police for alleged fraud and breaches of electoral law.

Simon Cressy, from the anti- fascist group Hope Not Hate, says time is ­running out for the BNP. He said: “We’ve been saying for ages the BNP is as financially ­bankrupt as it is morally.”

Last month Griffin’s Skoda was repossessed by bailiffs acting on a court order. Weeks earlier BNP manager Adam Walker was ordered to pay £25,000 to a former employee after a judge ruled senior officials could be held responsible for the party debt.

A number of small businesses in Northern Ireland, where the BNP had offices until last Christmas, say they are owed large sums of money. Belfast-based businessman and anti-abortion campaigner Jim Dowson, the BNP’s former ­financial guru, claims he is owed more than £160,000 by the party, which he has left. It has also been alleged that families of senior BNP members were visited by “Ulster heavies” looking for cash.

Nine people in Belfast and two in England were arrested on suspicion of ­blackmail but charges were later dropped.

Cressy said: “The BNP is in a desperate mess. After a disaster at the 2010 General and council elections it has turned in on itself. Membership has shrunk to below 7,000 and not even the party’s two MEPs talk to each other, preferring to fight a bitter war of words over the internet and Twitter. It is tearing the party apart.”

Griffin has refuted the kidnap allegations. He said: “Ms Thomas was made redundant by the party and has made a claim to an employment tribunal. Curiously, she has made no mention of this in her ET1 form. Nor am I aware of any complaint ever having been made to the police. She has never complained to me. If such a complaint was made, it seems bizarre that no one was ever approached about it.”

Sunday Star


Anonymous said...

Even Zumba thinks Griffin's a joke

Anonymous said...

"There's no money to pay the bills but Porky Griffin has a nice new suit"

So he does. I wonder how much the members of the BNP paid for it.

Private Pie said...

Please make this a caption competition, Ketlan!

Porky Pig Griffin desperately wants to lose weight so he won't get confused by his hormone-dosed genetically-fiddled pigs as a fat old sow on heat. He's had enough shagging his lifestock to burn the carbs.

The question is, will everyone regard him as a "race traitor" getting giggy to South American dance music with Afro-Cuban influences.

In this case, "Afro" is blatantly short for "African", rather than referring to the gormless disco-era wigs the white British 118 dancers used to wear on TV, loosely based on seventies black disco culture.

X said...

The bnp are always saying they don't want to be treated in any other way to proper political parties.

Proper political parties don't diddle their accounts and think they can get away with it.

Griffo's got what's coming to him, and I hope he will have to pay back his Euromillions to bailifs to pay everyone back who the sick fat pig has fleeced.

NewsHound said...



Anonymous said...

What's Gri££o puckering up his lips for?

Anonymous said...

Brons makes me laughing thinking he can set up a seperate organisation within the BNP.

BNP will always be a Nick Griffin cult.

Brons knows, if he leaves the BNP he will lose his euromillions.

Crime Watch said...

EDL nutzi thugs beat up a Sixteen year old boy


You can see which coach company picked up the thugs, so hopefully there will be an arrest, and the coach driver who waited for the thugs to carry out the attack before fucking off will be charged with collusion in the attack.

Just like a hit-and-run driver, the coach driver (pictured with whitish hair) should be subject to legal responsibility for his thugish passengers actions.

The coach driver could have called the police but didn't. Instead he allowed the thugs to assault someone then escape, the pro-fascist bastard!

Does anyone know anything about the coach company, the identity of the thugs pictured, the coach driver to pass onto the police?

Anonymous said...

Maybe porky griffin needs to enroll and do a bit of Zumba

Anonymous said...

It just remains to be seen now whether Griffin's political career ends with the sound of jeers at his European election count or the clang of a cell door closing behind him.

Anonymous said...

There was a story last year that Shelley Rose was held captive in a London hotel by BNP thugs and heavies. Furthermore, several senior employees have been threatened by heavies who visited them. Michaela McKenzie springs to mind, but there were several more like Sadie Graham. The problem was they never went the police and, like happens with gangsters who exert power over their minions, the BNP thugs were allowed to get away with it.

Anonymous said...


The video appears to show the coach driver of Belle Vue Coaches of Stockport allegedly turning a blind eye to a young sixteen-year-old bystander getting violently assaulted with punches to the face, while the coach driver turns a blind eye. As soon as the assault has happened, the coach driver waits for the thug to reboard the coach, then hurriedly drives off.

If the driver has knowingly witnessed a crime of private hire passengers under his responsibility, and has wilfully failed to stop driving and call the police, the driver will indeed be guilty of failing to report a violent crime. Rushing off, allowing the assailant(s) to escape, is most surely described as aiding and abbetting a crime and obstructing police criminal enquiries.

The same company that (allegedly) turned a blind eye to this violent assault on the sixteen year old member of the public, I understand, operates yellow school charters in the Stockport and Greater Manchester district, where parents will assume the company acts with responsibility on issues of child safety, including measures to report to the police acts of violence and bullying, and not do like a "hit-and-run driver", wilfully helping the assailants escape justice.

Anonymous said...

Hope Gri££PIG and his family,Jefferscum PERV Adam Walker all end up behind bars. Members of the party are realising what robbing swines they are, you only have to look at the Abismal turn out at the national conference 57 people turned up OH Dear what a mess.

tone luck said...

edl white supemacists chant racial abuse on trains to Birmingham to anyone of asian appearance, the sick racist bastards


NewsHound said...




Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Jim Dowson and Paul Golding are trying to form another rival to the BNP doomed to failure.


Malatesta's Blog said...

Latest Malatesta offering focuses on Nick Griffin and the BNP.

Please republish



Anonymous said...

Of topic I know but:
I see the English democrats are not content with plagiarizing Griffins begging letters. They are now plagiarizing there magazine as well. Butler and Collett dont have an original thought swimming around there empty heads.

Anonymous said...

That hideaway in Croatian bandit country, away from the pull of the Queen's law, draws ever closer for der Fuhrer!

Anonymous said...

griffin may have a new suit but he still has no style. And is he fatter than ever?

Anonymous said...

"That hideaway in Croatian bandit country, away from the pull of the Queen's law, draws ever closer for der Fuhrer!"

When Croatia joins the EU it will have to extradite suspects.