October 11, 2011

Electoral fraud - demand the Electoral Commission investigates

BBC Panorama has made a series of serious allegations about fraud and financial mismanagement within the British National Party.

These include:
  • The BNP has submitted fraudulent accounts to its auditors and the Electoral Commission
  • The BNP has used European Union money to fund its party organisation
  • Nick Griffin has hidden large donors from the Electoral Commission and had a slush fund that the party treasurer has no access to
  • BNP officials kidnapped and threatened a party worker after she refused to falsify election expenses
  • The BNP lied to the Electoral Commission to justify why it had submitted late returns
  • Nick Griffin personally encouraged a member of staff to alter invoices to defraud the European Parliament
We believe that these claims deserve serious investigation by the Electoral Commission. Please join us by writing to Peter Wardle, chief executive of the Electoral Commission here.

UPDATE #1: Target raised to 1000. Nearly 450 sent in under 30 minutes! Keep sending letters!

UPDATE #2: Amazing! Target raised to 1500. Over 1000 letters sent under 2 hours, keep the pressure up!

Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

i thought it was a damp squib myself ,with nothing new really

Anonymous said...

Target raised to 2500!

Anonymous said...

The target is up to 3500 now! The EC will have to get it's skates on.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Beeb pass all the information on to the Police!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Hannam's death saved Griffin's bacon. Without him around Panorama couldn't use most of what he said. He would have been the one who put Griffin away, and probably faced a few charges himself.


If he was still alive he'd kick himself.

Anonymous said...

Thres no point in relying on the EC, they wont do anthing.Most of the complaints have already been dismissed by them. The most they will get is a piddling fine

Anonymous said...

First Griffin says no-one watches panorama so it's irrelevent, now the website goes down probably we'll be told it's due to the high traffic.

He cant have it both ways!

He is now gloating that it was good publicity.

To be honest that program has done no damage to them whatsoever and getting Griffo jailed/BNP bankrupted will itself be a double-edged sword.

What comes after will be even more worrying for anti-fascists...

Be careful what you wish for!

Anonymous said...

Lock the one eyed bastard up along with griftoads accomplices.