October 25, 2011

Trouble Brewing...

Nick Griffin awarding Debbie Stafford the position of "Councillor Representative"
It seems there is a storm forming in deepest Cumbria.

Debbie Stafford the BNP's councillor representative (Not that they have too many left) has quit the party after she labelled the BNP as being run in "a disreputable manner" and as a "family business".

Stafford sent a stinging resignation email announcing her intentions yesterday, the same email has been replicated on a website run by Andrew Brons MEP.

Brons just this last weekend held a conference in Leicestershire,where it was announced that he and his followers will run a "parallel" organisation within the BNP with the intention of bypassing party leader Nick Griffin.

Stafford who was awarded the position of councillor representative last December was elected unopposed with her husband Paul onto Wigton Town Council in April this year. For your amusement we have included the resignation email in full.
From: Debbie Stafford

Subject: resignation letter

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011

Dear All

I have resigned both my position as Councillor representative and my membership of the British National Party.

My reasons for doing so are quite simple. Neither the party nor the chairman has any respect for Councillors and elections. The party is run as a family business with a ‘job for boys’ attitude that will never change!

I have seen firsthand how the party is run from the Wigton office. It is conducted in a disreputable manner with dirty tricks being the order of the day. I feel I can no longer support such actions.

The National Executive is supposed to consist of elected Regional Organisers, yet I am still the only elected representative sitting on it (apart from Nick Griffin). You elected me onto the executive to give you a voice, not to be a yes-man.

However they have deliberately excluded me from NE meetings. I have not been invited!

I believe the reason they did this was precisely because I am not a yes-man. That is exactly why I was not invited to the previous NE meeting.

I have only ever been invited to two previous AC meetings, on both occasions as an afterthought with just a few days notice. This time I did not even get that. I heard nothing at all about the meeting until a councillor got in touch with me to ask how it had gone! To say I was shocked would be a lie, as nothing the party does would shock me now.

I feel this behaviour shows the lack of respect Nick Griffin holds for the councillors of the party. I am only there as your representative. To not invite an NE member that you voted for is disgraceful and shows a complete lack of organisational skills. The party truly has no organisational ability at the centre.

I am aware that at a recent North West Regional Council Meeting , Clive Jefferson decided that Nick Griffin’s son-in-law is to be the next Councillor Rep on the NE, and he will arrange this with a block vote of North West councillors at the forthcoming National Conference which will be held in the North West.

I do wish Angus Matthys luck with his upcoming position. At least he will definitely be informed about everything that is happening and he is personally a nice young man. Even though he has only been a parish councillor for a few months and is totally politically inexperienced. But I am afraid they just want someone on the NE to vote they way they want them to vote.

However I can no longer stay in a party that is run in this manner.

Kind Regards

Debbie Stafford.
Hope not hate


Anonymous said...

Anybody is a brightly coloured brainless twat to ever believe the BNP, or any fascist stroke quote Nationalist unquote organisation can ever represent 21st century Britain with 20th century hate politics.

Whatever racist shit she chooses to join now will think the same as Fuhrer Nick does now. Paul Golding and his Britain First organisation are no better than the BNP.

With Remembrance Day approaching, its time LU dug out that picture of Hitler lover Golding wearing his underpants on his head during the national 2 Minutes Silence and in full view of the Cenotaph.

iliacus said...

Isn't being the BNP's 'Councillor Representative' a bit like being the ballet correspondent on The Sun ?

Barbara said...

Exactly, Anonymous.
When a political party stands on non-aspirational visions for Britain based on hatred and division it demonstrates it is a Party that is rotton to the core.
Why are certain people attracted to such a party unless they too have something seriously wrong with them?

Anonymous said...

The BNP should more accurately be called the Griffo Crime Family.