October 11, 2011

Man or a mouse?

BNP MEP Andrew Brons is coming under intense pressure to leave the party and form an alternative. Brons has been considering his options for the past nine months but so far he has failed to make a move. He first toyed with splitting from the BNP back in the spring in the aftermath of poor election results but he hesitated too long and missed his chance. He then challenged Griffin for the party leadership, half expecting to be thrown out of the party or to be given the excuse of obvious electoral fraud to walk away. Again he bottled it.

As Brons has dithered others have walked away. Jim Dowson and Paul Golding went off to form Britain First and then Eddy Butler and Chris Beverley joined the English Democrats. More recently Richard Edmonds and the bulk of Croydon BNP have gone over to the National Front.

Now, in the aftermath of the Panorama programme, he is once again under pressure to leave and form an alternative.

Our guess is that he will continue to pontificate and the opportunity will pass him by. And in the meantime the BNP, under Griffin's leadership, will continue its slow death.

Hope not Hate


Anonymous said...

When are we going to start exposing the English Democrats for the Nazi party they have now become.

iliacus said...


Except mice aren't objectionable, ignorant, racist ****s

Anonymous said...

He's neither.

He's a fat blithering Nazi rat.

Anonymous said...

Peace and Love fellows...

Anonymous said...

Brons is a Hitlerite who helped send SS German nazi material to hardline neo-nazi NF and BNP followers for years before he became a Europrat!