October 15, 2011

Nazi salutes amid fiasco for EDL’s so-called ‘Angels’

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Angels Demo Degenerates into Homophobic Abuse and Nazi Salutes

The first national mobilisation by the English Defence League’s so-called “Angels” women’s division presented a farcical spectacle at Downing Street [last week], with women EDL members heavily outnumbered by men.

The EDL is an organisation of racists and fascists – and its “Angels” division is no exception – so UAF organised a counter-protest, led by women antifascists. But when the so-called ‘Angels’ arrived, they were only around 100-strong, despite pulling in EDL members from as far away as Coventry – and only around 15 or 20 of them were women!

The true nature of the EDL was on display as one of the fascists gave Hitler’s “sieg heil” salute.

On the counter-protest, women antifascists made up a majority of demonstrators, with young women, trade unionists and pensioners, black, white and Asian, all determined to voice their opposition to the racists and fascists of the EDL.

The national banner of the PCS civil servants’ union, RMT rail union flags, and banners and placards from women’s groups were on proud display on the upbeat and noisy UAF counter-protest. As it became clear that the “Angels” had failed to show on what was supposededly their own demo, the antifascsists began to chant “Where are the women?” and “Where’s your angels gone?” alongside “Black and white, unite and fight” and “EDL go to hell, take your Nazi mates as well”.

The overwhelmingly male EDL members showed what they really think of women – and gave the lie to their claims to support LGBT people – with chants of “lesbian scum” and “back to the kitchen”. Individual antifascist women were called “dykes” by EDL members in a further display of sexism and homophobia.

The EDL’s poisonous politics have nothing to offer women – or men. Last Saturday’s fiasco shows what a lie it is when the EDL claims to support women’s rights.

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Pics by Kelvin Williams

Unite Against Fascism

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Flip the Frog said...

The woman on the right of the picture looks like the BNPs Deirdre Gates.

Anonymous said...

I notice Eddy Stampton was on the march too

Anonymous said...

There's no 'looks like' about it, although I believe she resigned as a BNP councillor last year.

Borehamwoody said...

Well there you go then, this is why we call the EDL nazis, because they bloody are and heres the proof. Also why they're anti womens' rights and gay rights, probably more so than they are against religious freedom and Brit Muslims. Bear in mind one of the 1930s nazis' favourite slogans was 'Children, Kitchen, Church' (their policy on women).

Doesnt surprise me about Deirdre Gates from Rickmansworth tho, she is not a nice person at all. She makes Ann Widdecombe sweet and charming!

Anonymous said...

EDL = BNP without The Griff.

Anonymous said...

well done to all the anti nazi brave ladies who stood up & were so vocal.RESPECT TO THE MAX.1love,love all