October 20, 2011

New Right

It’s been a big few weeks for far right meetings. Just under a fortnight ago the crème de la crème of British fascists met in Preston to once more pick over the bones of their unlamented fallen Fuhrer John Tyndall, the founder of the modern BNP who died in 2005.

This weekend as many as 200 dissenters within the BNP, led by renegade MEP Andrew Brons, are meeting in the Midlands to discuss whether there is any future in the BNP. Rather like at the Tyndall meeting, these people will be more united in what they oppose (namely BNP leader Nick Griffin) than anything else. According to Griffin, this evening, this meeting will see the launch of a new nationalist party - which we are supposed to be behind!

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Griffin’s “mainstream” BNP are also gearing up for their forthcoming meeting/conference/wake, which is likely to attract a pitifully small turnout.

Finally, a coalition of some of the finest Jew hating conspiracy theorists around are having a meeting of their own. And, in time honoured far right tradition, they are having a factional split of their own. The “New Right” is a quasi-intellectual political group formed by the former National Front activist Troy Southgate and unites various strands of far right thinking into a bi-monthly talking shop.

Having split into two warring factions, they’re aptly enough holding their next meeting in a London pub on the 5th November. The who’s who of the group makes for interesting reading. One faction is led by a professed “National Anarchist” and the other by a man who until recently boasted of working for Military Intelligence.

The New Right

The New Right is a quasi-intellectual political group formed by the former National Front activist Troy Southgate. Helping him to organise New Right is Jonathan Bowden.

The group was formed to unite various strands of far right thinking into a regular talking shop where “Intellectual” extremists from all over the world could meet and talk over their poisonous ideas.

United under the banner of The New Right, Holocaust deniers, anti Semites and racists young and old gather on a bi monthly basis to swap their ideas in one of London’s many back street public houses.

New Right organisers

Troy Southgate
A self-described “National Anarchist”, Southgate is a former Political Soldier and a prolific biographer of obscure political figures. A onetime adherent of the “radical” leadership surrounding Nick Griffin, Southgate moved out of the NF in the very early 90’s with the “Political Soldiers” before falling foul of the chief exponent of radical catholic fascism, Derek Holland.
Before discovering “National Anarchism”, Southgate led the "English Nationalist Movement" and the "National Revolutionary Faction" both of which dissolved and which he ran prior to the New Right. He is the vocalist in the band H.E.R.R and plays in numerous “Neo Folk” bands.

Jonathan Bowden
The BNP’s former "cultural" officer, Bowden is the chairman of “The New Right”. Initially a member of the Conservative party, Bowden was involved with “The Monday Club” and “The Revolutionary Conservative Caucus” two far right Conservative pressure groups in the 1990's where he made the acquainance of solicitor Adrian Davies.
He has previously been deputy chair of “The Western Goals Institute” an anti communist and anti immigrant group based on the US group of the same name.
He fancies himself as both an artist and a playwright, though few others share his passion for his own work.

Key supporters

Kieren Trent
Trent is often seen at New Right meetings. Has been involved with a host of far right groups including the National Front and British Movement and more recently, the BNP.
Trent once set up his own tiny group “The English National Resistance” whose main objective seemed to involve fly posting and graffiti. Took part in vicious assault on Asian youths with Matt Tait and ex London BNP organiser Bob Bailey during the 2010 election campaign in Barking.
Was photographed delivering English Democrat campaign material with Chris Beverley and Matt Tait earlier this year, has also attempted to ingratiate himself with dissident Irish Republican groups.

Matthew Tait
A regular face at New Right meetings, Tait is the former Maidenhead BNP organiser. Once seen as a potential “high flyer” within the BNP, Tait attended and spoke at the far-right American Renaissance conference in North Virginia in 2010, as well as a German Neo Nazi demo in Dortmund in the same year.
Another regular and failed candidate, Tait joined Kieren Trent and ex London BNP organiser Bob Bailey in the assault on a group of Asian youths during the 2010 elections in Barking & Dagenham.

Richard Edmonds
Ageing Holocaust denier and nazi, Edmonds recently switched from the BNP back to the National Front and in the process finally turned his back on the party he helped form with his mentor John Tyndall.
A convicted thug and vicious racist, Edmonds announced his intention to stand against BNP Leader Nick Griffin for the BNP's leadership earlier this year, but stood aside to allow Andrew Brons to challenge instead. He is closely linked to several German holocaust deniers and regularly attends hardline nazi gatherings across the continent.

Pete Rushton
Another Holocaust denier, Rushton has also travelled the world spreading hatred and Anti-semitism. Has been in just about every tiny and insignificant fascist grouping in this country, never staying long however. He began his political life in the British National Party, before being expelled by Nick Griffin for allegedly being a Searchlight spy. He is currently deputy editor of Mark Cotterill's magazine Heritage and Destiny and recently helped organise the John Tyndall memorial meeting in Preston. He is regularly in the company of Michele Renouf, both here and abroad.

Some of the speakers at past New Right events

Norman Lowell
Maltese Anglophile and Anti-Semite Norman Lowell is the leader of the minuscule Maltese party “Imperium Europa”. Lowell Describes Adolf Hitler as his hero and has labelled the holocaust as “The Holy Hoax” and has also praised Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
In 2008 Lowell was convicted of racial hatred and insulting the Maltese president for which he received a two year suspended sentence.

Dr Tomislav Sunic
A former Croatian diplomat and professor in the US, Sunic is a director of “The American Third Position” a far right white nationalist political party.
Sunic has shared platforms with a number of Holocaust deniers. In 2003 he spoke alongside convicted terrorist Horst Mahler who is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence in Germany for Holocaust denial, at a conference sponsored by Germany’s Neo Nazi party the NPD. Sunic is a regular speaker on the far-right scene in this country.

Adrian Davies
Former member of the Tory-right, Davies has flirted with the extreme far-right in this country since the 1980’s. In the 1990’s he joined up with some BNP rebels to form a new party after they walked out during one of that party’s earlier financial traumas. A barrister by trade, Cambridge educated Davies has registered a new political party in what would appear to be a premature move to align with Andrew Brons’s rebels.

Michele Renouf
Former model and actress, Australian born Renouf is a staunch defender of a number of well known Holocaust deniers including David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Richard Williamson, Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zündel and countryman Fredrick Töben. Efraim Zuroff, of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Jerusalem told “The Australian” newspaper: "This woman is especially dangerous... she can put a pretty face on a very ugly movement."
Renouf has previously described Judaism as a "repugnant and hate-filled religion”. She attended a “Holocaust denial” conference hosted by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad entitled “Holocaust Review: A Global Vision” in Tehran in December 2006. Others at the conference included former KKK leader David Duke.

Martin Webster
The last living link to the leadership of the National Front of the 1970’s. Webster has remained on the sidelines of the far-right in this country since being forced out of the NF back in 1983. A vicious racist and Anti-Semite, Webster gave a series of interviews in 1999 claiming that he once had an intimate relationship with a young Nick Griffin, when the future BNP leader was in the National Front.

Jeremy Bedford-Turner
One of the most interesting people to have been involved in the New Right is Jeremy Bedford-Turner, or Jez as he is known within the far right. He has boasted of being a serving soldier in the Royal Signal Corp, which, according to the Army’s website are “leaders in information technology and communications” and “provide the Army with communications throughout the world.”

Despite his self-pro-claimed intelligence links, which includes speaking Pashtun and allegedly being a translator for Military Intelligence, Jez has been a leading member of the New Right network for several years, organising meetings and speakers. He is also a leading figure in the Friends of Oswald Mosley group.

He is a member of an Army club in Pall Mall and regularly takes his fascist friends there after New Right meetings. Bedford-Turner was pushed out of New Right during the summer after Troy Southgate claimed that he was a security risk. Of course this is nonsense as Southgate had known of Jez’s army links for several years. Indeed, Bedford-Turner was questioned by police during a British People’s Party meeting in Paddington in July 2008 and later claimed that he was subsequently questioned by Military Police as a result. Rather, Southgate appears to have become jealous of Bedford-Turner’s growing prominence within the group and simply used his army links as an excuse.

Cast adrift, Bedford-Turner has now launched IONA, taking the name of a National Front affiliated group of the 1980s which was run by Richard Lawson. The first IONA meeting was held in August and was addressed by Jonathon Bowden, Dr Alexander Jacob and Prof Andrew Fraser. His next meeting was a month later was billed to be addressed by Bowden and Lady Michele Renoulf.

Bedford-Turner has also formed a close relationship with the Holocaust Denier, Bishop Richard Williamson.

After being denounced for his links with Military Intelligence Bedford-Turner recently claimed that he left the Army in August. Questions remain. If he is genuinely a right wing extremist then why did the British Army allow him to remain in post? If he was working for his employers then why did so many of Britain’s far right fascist leaders did not question his involvement earlier given that he has been boasting about his job since he first got involved?

Thanks to Nick Lowles at HOPE not Hate


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Bedford-Turner, or Jez as he is known within the far right. He has boasted of being a serving soldier in the Royal Signal Corp

If he was Signals then that would have involved a security clearance. If the British Army is allowing an active Nazi to be in one of the most sensitive and security conscious regiments of the British Army then that is very serious.

Of course, he could just be bullshitting.

Anonymous said...

He is a member of an Army club in Pall Mall and regularly takes his fascist friends there after New Right meetings.

That would make him an officer as only commissioned ranks are allowed to join.

irishtony said...

I am in "The Judean People's Front" or is it "The People's Judean Front". lets have a meeting to decide when we have a meeting!!!!!

Reading this article, which if superb, I am reminded about what my late Father used to say about people who elevated their owm self importance and needed to give themselves a title.

"Give a toliet attendent a cap"

says it all really

Anonymous said...

Bromley Council, Shortlands by-election results 20th October 2011

ABBIT, Gareth Wyn - The Labour Party Candidate - 256 votes
JAMES, Anna Louse - Green Party - 75 votes
JEFFERYS, David Barrington - The Conservative Party Candidate - 1480 votes
JENNER, Emmett - United Kingdon Independence Party - 153 votes
PAYNE, Michael Lionel - British National Party - 35 votes
PRASHAR, Anuja - Liberal Democrats - 490 votes

Anonymous said...

Heard a whisper that Mr. trent is going to be giving a good kicking by people connected with Bllood n Honour

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Bedford-Turner aka Gareth Keenan from The Office.

Anonymous said...

Webster gave a series of interviews in 1999 claiming that he once had an intimate relationship with a young Nick Griffin, when the future BNP leader was in the National Front.

I''ve always wondered if the State has graphic evidence of this.

It would explain some of Griffin's subsequent decisions and trajectory.

Knowing the way the secret state works, it will be revealed under FOI laws in about 60 years time when all the main players are long dead.

Anonymous said...

The only one of all these people worth listening to is only Bowden.
The rest are average. They are all, especially, Southgate "water carriers" and just talk about the ideas of real thinkers. I think they are harmless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Heard a whisper that Mr. trent is going to be giving a good kicking by people connected with Bllood n Honour"

If that were true, they probably wouldn't be passing on info to be leaked on LU, unless they just wanted to put the shits up him.

Regardless, the 28 peeps are all mouth.

Anonymous said...

Other members of this group are EDL members.

Anonymous said...

The Shittish Far Right is Walter Mitty aplenty.

Anonymous said...

Great article. Diolch yn fawr

anarchist said...

I love Troy Southgate's attempt at an intense, brooding intellectual stare.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Bedford-Turner aka Gareth Keenan from The Office.

aka the Drummer from New Order ?