October 22, 2011

Old boozers and dead heroes

You may recall how we wrote about Troy Southgate's New Right the other day. The group is a collection of odd balls, Anti-Semites and Hitler worshippers.

Their meeting in London due for November 5th could turn into a bit of a wake too after one of Southgate's political heroes died last week.

Southgate you may recall was once a strict adherent of Nick Griffin's 'Politcal Soldiers' who ran off into the woods and dediated themselves to God and Colonel Gaddafi in 1989, taking their inspirations from both the bible and Gaddafi's Green Book.

Southgate was yesterday promoting Gaddafi's seminal and bizarre masterpiece "The Green Book", describing how it made a "huge impression" on him. Indeed, Southgate still sells the book which he claims "even now it's very popular".

Should be some conference this one. Copies of Mein Kampf and the "Green Book" among all the pork scratchings and dusty beer mats.

There's really not much new in the "New Right" and certainly not much living inspiration either.

Hope not Hate


Anonymous said...

I find it ironic that anti-semites are supportive of Gaddafi, considering the fact that Gaddafi's mother was Jewish, which would make him a Jew!

Check this out on Gaddifi's jewish background:


Kinda puts egg on the faces of the likes of the author of extreme antisemite blogs such as News From Atlantis who sided with Gaddafi and promotes his hilarious Green Book!

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you bother with these average thinkers. They are like the European New Right in general and imitate Marxist thinkers to create an ideological Right Wing. The fact that they still use old-fashioned political labels shows how irrelevant they are.

Anonymous said...

Troy Southgate has 2 Facebook pages. The one this thread cites has a profile image of violent authoritarian Cornelius Codreanu - anyone who supports Codreanu but thinks of themselves as in any way "anarchist" has no idea what that word actually means. This idiot pretending he's in any way anarchist is a like the EDL pretending they're not linked with Nazis - it's a strategy, a trick, and a very bad trick at that. The man's delusional.

Troy Southgate was one of the people who signed-up on Facebook to attend the gig by pro-Nazi, pro-child-abuse band Sutcliffe Jugend at London's Slimelight club, and Southgate's 2nd Facebook page includes all the usual shit about Hitler, Codreanu, Strasser etc, while the friends list includes Slimelight performer Freya Aswynn, also "Hagshadow Hag" (the gig's promoter Gaya Donadio), Justin Mitchell (of Cold Spring Records, publisher of Sutcliffe Jugend CDs), and Sutcliffe Jugend and Peter Sotos serial-apologist Kristian Carter (who gives his location as Kettering, FYI). Not that these wankers really amount to much, but from time-to-time it's worth reminding them that we have long memories....