October 18, 2011

Gina's nazi pals

Exclusive: Queen of the Shankill parties in an English pub in her skin tight dress with sieg heil saluting scum

GINA Adair has got her life back on track... but she's hanging out with a right 'Nazi' bunch!

The tanned and toned ex-wife of UFF terror boss Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair is still living in exile in Greater Manchester after fleeing Ulster in 2003. And we can reveal the mother-of-four has hooked up with a bunch of far-right scum - most of whom have criminal convictions connected to fascist group Combat-18.

Giving Nazi salutes the group are connected now to the notorious English Defence League who are an anti-Muslim group. The 44-year-old had a nightmare time between being forced to live in Bolton, going through a cancer scare as well as a marriage break-up and a son in jail for crack cocaine dealing. But our exclusive pictures show the one time 'Queen' of the Shankill has put her troubles behind her.


Sporting a new feminine hair-style, and looking like someone dropped her in a vat of sun beds, Gina poses in a skin-tight animal print mini-dress, a marked difference from the last picture of Gina in a miniskirt - that time she wore army fatigues, a balaclava and was armed with a machine gun.

Drinking glasses of wine with a big smile on her face it's obvious thoughts of the love of her life Johnny are long forgotten. But then why wouldn't she be happy?

However Gina, known as 'hard-as-nails' on the Shankill, always loved the 'bad boys' and when you see the motley crew she's hanging out with these days that's clearly one part of her life that hasn't changed.

These snaps were taken earlier this month while she partied long into the night with the thugs in a pub in Oldham. They include convicted thug Kevin Gough who was involved in the BNP and Combat-18. In 1997 Gough and Andrew Roughley (also pictured), were imprisoned for four months for distributing anti-semitic and anti-immigrant material likely to incite racial hatred. Gough was also given a three year banning order for football hooliganism in 2001 after he was instrumental in starting trouble at a match between his team Oldham Athletic and Stoke City. The trouble was the pre-cursor for the infamous Oldham riots which saw nights of violence between whites and Asians. And in 1999 Gough was part of an 80-strong gang of Combat-18 thugs who attempted to attack the Bloody Sunday demonstration in London.

Gough is now a singer in a second rate punk band “Pressure 28”. The 28 refers to the second and eighth letters of the alphabet B & H, the abbreviations used for Blood and Honour, the neo-Nazi music promotion network and political group with links to Combat 18.

Then we have another Oldham thug Darren Hoy who was convicted of assaulting an Asian restaurant worker in 1996.Hoy marched down the Lees High Street in Oldham shouting "Sieg Heil" while giving Nazi salutes. He then clubbed his victim with a long-handled broom - the man suffered bruising and swelling to his head and nose. The fascist got 150 hours community service and was ordered to pay £550 compensation. Hoy was deported from Belgium during Euro 2000 after he was involved in violence between England and Germany fans and he was sent to jail for three months in 2002 for racially abusing people as they left an anti-fascist rally.

Hoy was jailed for 9 months for Affray in 2003 for his part in instigating the 2001 Oldham Riots.

Another Combat-18 thug partying with Gina is Stephen Walsh who also did nine months in jail for affray during the 2001 Oldham riots.
And finally Gina is also seen with Portadown loyalist Ivan Ewart who has a large Billy Wright tattoo on his arm.

Said one loyalist source: "I'm not surprised to hear Gina has got pally with a bunch of far right nutters.

"Her ex Johnny was very closely linked with far right groups when he was younger. He was a Shankill skinhead and loved the National Front and Combat-18. "She's basically fallen in with a load of like minded people."
Gina fled Ulster with dozens of other Shankill loyalists in February 2003 in the aftermath of the murder of UDA brigadier John 'Grugg' Gregg.


The mother-of-four was literally chased out of the Shankill by a UDA mob. When she fled all she had time to do was grab a plastic bag filled with over £70,000 of cash which was confiscated by Scottish police when she arrived in Stranraer.

Gina met her long-term lover Johnny Adair when she was just a teenager and they 'enjoyed' a turbulent relationship until they split seven years ago. They continually broke off their relationship, taking other lovers but were always drawn back together. During one split up in the early '90s, Gina began drinking heavily and taking drugs. She got into debt and owed money to UDA men, who took her income support book to ensure she paid them back.

*Based on an article first printed in The Sunday World

You can read more info on Pressure 28 and their links to the Far Right on the Street Voice UK blog


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Some more info about Kevin Gough's band Pressure 28:


Incidentally the 28 in this case has nothing to do with B&H, it refers to scooter tyre pressure. They're still well dodgy though.

anarchist said...

She seems to take 'orange sympathies' more literally than most.

Anonymous said...

She's already got a prune-face. Last thing you need with a coupon like that is a sunbed.

Flip the Frog said...

I reckon she'd be quite fit if you put a paper bag over her head.

Anonymous said...

She looks as if she's led a tough life.

She reminds me of the kind of women who march under the EDL banner.

Sad in a way.

Anonymous said...

Do we know which pub this was?

Anonymous said...

ivan ewart lives at 266 crompton way bolton lancashire

Anonymous said...

she's a disgrace and ewart should be shot like he would be if he went back to belfast !

Sheffield Anti-Fascists said...

Pressure 28 are playing a gig this weekend at the Duke of Cumberland in Gateshead. I'll send the details through.

Anonymous said...

check out sunday world dated 30 oct, calling ivan ewart fascist fat boy,full page showing tattoos on body glorifying hitlet and valhammer

Anonymous said...

Knocked on 266 crompton way posing as a jehovas witness and no ivan ewart lives there. Some young family were there