May 04, 2007

Birmingham BNP Threat Is Crushed

VOTERS across Birmingham and the Black Country turned out in force to denounce the far right's "politics of hate".

The feared rise of the far right in the city failed to materialise as Labour and the Tories decimated the votes of the three extremist parties.

Labour held two key British National Party target seats in Shard End and Kingstanding, taking almost half the total votes cast in each ward.

The story was the same in Sandwell, where the BNP failed to gain a single new seat.

The results were a crushing blow to the far right parties hopes of gaining a foothold in the Council chamber.



Anonymous said...

Although they retained their four seats, the Sandwell result is very good given the BNP put a lot of its available manpower and resources into the borough in an effort to win more councillors.
Their failure mirrored their overall results in the West Midlands and the Black Country.
In Walsall though, over 300 voters still managed to vote for the Pelsall ward BNP candidate despite him being banged up in jail on fire arm charges.
A falure of the local press and political parties to get the message out.
I now look foward to reading the Griffin's supporters justification of his and their poor performance at an election where most voters went out to punish the government with protest votes.
Only three councillors!!! Far short of the 150 some of Griffin's more looney mates were claiming the BNP would pick up.
All that money, effort and work gone for nothing. Made my day.

Antifascist said...

looks like a major disaster for the NNP too. So much for Ebanks and her little gang of not so merry men.