May 15, 2007

Secret Bath BNP meeting stopped by anti-fascists

After having his talk at Bath University cancelled, it looked like Griffin would be giving the city a miss. However, a report on BBC 'points west' stated that he would be holding a secret meeting arranged by nazi Bath student Danny Lake.

Upon hearing that the meeting was still taking place at a secret location, we rang BNP national office who obligingly provided us with BNP youth organiser Danny Lake's mobile number.

We rang him, posing as a student who was pissed-off that the uni talk had been cancelled, and he was happy enough to tell us the pub the BNP were meeting in before the speech. We rang the pub, who seemed worried at the prospect of having Nazis in their bar.

We only had a short time to organise the demo, but got 20 anti-fascists outside the pub within 2 hours notice. The nazis turned up, looked confused and tried to reorganise a meeting place. Our spotters followed the ringleader into a nearby pub, which we entered, chanting and confronting the facists. Despite big talk, they seemed to be unwilling to enter into confrontation.

After being ejected from the pub by the cops, we had a demo outside. When the BNP left the pub (in much smaller numbers than they entered!), we were prevented from following, although a team of spotters managed to get around the police and follow them. They ended up having a tiny gathering in a park, well outnumbered by anti-fascists, who drowned out their speeches with chanting and anti-nazi punks played down a megaphone!

We heard later that Griffin was intending to record his speech and use it as propaganda, but could not do so because of the background noise!

All in all, a good day for anti-fascism - we managed to crash a secret meeting, doubling fash numbers, push them out of three venues, then reduced them to 10 skinheads standing in a park!

Nazis are not welcome in Bath - wherever they go, we will stop them!

(A) Sab x


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