May 04, 2007

Nazis hammered in Barrow

(Many thanks to Kerry at Barrow for the pic)
Despite putting in a lot of work, Nazi BNP candidate Mike Ashburner came 4th out of 4 with only 100 votes for Barrow Central Ward. The results were:

Labour 400 odd
People's Party 265
Conservative 205
Nazi BNP 100

Whereas the turn-out elsewhere in Barrow appears to have been low, the turn-out in Central Ward was up, so the campaign to urge people to get out and use their votes against the Fascists has obviously worked. While there should never be any complacency about any amount of fascist votes, it should be recognised that this is a bad result for the BNP.

We also had a lively and angry protest against the Nazis both when the fascists came in and out of the Town Hall for the Count.

Around 20 anti-fascists turned out with placards, lively chanting etc to show the BNP that they are not welcome and to expose them for the nazis that they are. These protests clearly rattled the fascists - whose usual attempts at bravado quickly slipped.

Candidates and other people attending the Count inside also wore Unite Against Fascism stickers which further unsettled the fascists and showed them that anti-fascists are the majority.

An absolutely brilliant victory in Barrow. A HUGE thank you to everyone who's helped in this campaign - it more than paid off. Well done!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic result. Well done to all those involved in the campaign to keep the BNP out of Barrow.

Antifascist said...

We'll go along with that. Congrats to all our anti-fascist comrades in Barrow! :-)

Antifascist said...

Don't forget to send us the Blackpool results as soon as your hear them.

Duncan said...

Nicely done guys, hopefully we'll have similar results to share from Allerdale tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Well done!

Very few crumbs of comfort anywhere for them so far. They are bitterly disappointed and the excuses are coming thick and fast.

Though there still might be the odd nasty surprise to come, at the moment it appears that they have stalled.

There have got to be consequences for Griffin if that's the case.

Anonymous said...

"There have got to be consequences for Griffin if that's the case."

I look forward to reading about them!

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin's making a bit of money from the BNP's merchandising oeprations, and American white supremacist funders such as Don Black, for doing f*ck all!!!

Unknown said...

"I look forward to reading about them!"

You will!

This must embolden Chris Jackson and his supporters. Dirty tricks coming his way soon...

On a less happy note, here in Norfolk the only two BNP candidates standing (for the first time, in the same King's Lynn ward) came very close:

Perhaps our leafletting and door-knocking shaved just enough off, but we can't be certain and we can't be complacent.

These eastern market towns with high migrant populations seem to be fertile territory for them.

We have to keep our eyes on this.

Anonymous said...

You're right Denise. Every leaflet helps.