May 01, 2007

Fascist Endorsements

The BNP Wales webpage shamelessly piggybacks a company it claims is unrelated to the BNP, hoping to curry more interest within the business community for white supremacist politics.

The BNP offer their friendly endorsement of Tamworth car manufacturing goods company Tamworth Graphix, whom they strongly recommend for their "Union Jack numberplates".

Seriously struggling for legally-accountable financial backing, the suited, media-savvy neo-Nazis are quick to endorse companies on their website without mutual recognition, even though, serious legal action is currenly ongoing in several cases, where companies do not wish to be associated with a racist whites-only "political party" who seek to reintroduce apartheid to the world, imposing Nuremberg-style laws against Muslims, jews, black, gay, and Asian people.

Following the Nick Griffin, Mark Collett, and Robert Cottage trials, the BNP, however believe they are invincible, and somehow, above the laws of the land (they proclaim they know and love so dear).

Some companies are ethical, and others, not so, however "people power" demands ethical accountability, more and more, which is why such important issues such as arms investment, environmental audits, sweatshop labour, and fair trade, are increasingly shaping consumer purchase patterns throughout business and commerce.

Whether or not Tamworth Graphix do (or do not) endorse the racist British National Party's official approval of one of their products, we really do not know. The BNP's webpage provides a weak disclaimer that they have no (known) connection with the company, however, Tamworth Graphix do own the rights to their brand, and ultimately have the final say over the legality of product endorsements.

If Tamworth Graphix do not wish to profit from the "white supremacy pound", and are throughly disgusted at the BNP's seemingly unofficial endorsement, we strongly advise the company to seek legal advice, if the image of the company is to steer clear of erroneous publicity, and seek removal of the link, forthwith.

The BNP is quick to claim everybody is its friend, when in-fact, like the losers they are, the only friends they have, are in the worldwide "white nationalism" movement.

Their flashy suits, and spin-doctored demeanours might suggest respectability, but no matter how the Hitler-loving bunch of violent criminals, Holocaust deniers, terrorists, football hooligans, and veteran nobodies "blessed with the ugly stick" attempt to "pimp their party", nobody will be fooled.

Not least the intelligent voters of Wales, England, and Scotland.

The United Kingdom has no long-term tradition of organised fascism, which is why Mosley, Enoch Powell, and the National Front were resoundingly defeated. As will the "British Nazi Party". A handful of parochial town hall seats will never make the party a major player in the increasingly cosmopolitan world of popular culture (let alone politics), which is why there are increasingly coded references in Nick Griffin's interviews to civil wars and revolutions.

Like Adolf Hitler, the BNP would switch from democracy to armed revolution, given half a chance, with castrophic consequences, which is why such a criminally-minded racist organisation must be harangued and harried at every juncture.

Which is why bona companies such as Tamworth Graphix must steer clear of fascist endorsement.


SayNoToRacism said...

Hopefully Tamworth Graphix will insist the endorsement is swiftly removed, to protect their ethical and corporate image.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody been in touch with them?

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. There are those on the 'left' advocating opening up debate with the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Nice article. We need more of these original articles from all the contributors. Isn't there any way of separating them from the news reports?

Anonymous said...

Concerned readers should indeed contact Tamworth Graphix to find out their views about fascist endorsement.

01827 63177

Give them a call now, or send them an e-mail...

Anonymous said...