May 20, 2007

BNP's leadership challenger loses before he even starts the challenge

News from the BNP bunker reaches us to the effect that the current BNP leadership is fighting off the proposed challenge from Chris Jackson in the only way it knows - by completely subverting the democratic process.

Curiously for a party that purports to be the only truly democratic party in the known universe, its internal structure is probably as far away from democracy as it can possibly be. It certainly has nothing remotely like one member one vote and has recently introduced voting rights at its conference - where all the really big decisions should be made - for those who donate large sums of money into Nick Griffin's pock- party coffers.

Now it has been revealed that the leadership challenger, although he fulfils all the convoluted requirements designed solely to keep Griffin in place until he dies or the membership has made him rich enough to retire, cannot use the internet, printed, electronic or recorded material to advance his case. What, one wonders, is left? Semaphore?

This denial of fair opportunity for any challenger to put their case before the membership is indicative of the corruption and anti-democratic values of the fascist British National Party. It talks democracy all the time yet can't even manage to use it for its own membership.

This lack of democracy extends beyond the party itself. The Stormfront nazi forum - an essential online meeting place for the net-savvy BNP member as the party's own forum is regarded as too strongly censored to be of any use - has been keeping talk of the challenge (and the challenger) at an absolute minimum. Now Stormfront owner, ex-Klansman Don Black (a close friend of Nick Griffin), has come in for a mountain of criticism for closing down a huge and largely supportive Chris Jackson thread. Speculation on and off the forum is that one of the senior moderators, John Joy Tree (Andy Robertson in real life), has used his influence as a substantial financial backer of Stormfront and a staunch BNP supporter, to have the thread removed, no doubt at Nick Griffin's behest. Griffin, it should be noted, is now frequently referred to as 'Crook' Griffin. Very apt.

A 'nationalist' blog, run by one 'NorthWest Nationalist', has also reported that Chris Jackson is suddenly having problems with his phone and internet connections at this most unfortunate moment. As NWN points out, conspiracy theorists, both in and out of the far-right, will be having a field day.

Jackson should be careful. The ranks are closing to protect the BNP's Fuhrer and Jackson should bear in mind that Tony Lecomber, bomber, psycho, suspected security service grass and Griffin's greatest and most lunatic supporter, is wandering around like a loose cannon, allegedly suffering bizarre mood swings and wondering who to have a go at next.

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