May 07, 2007

Radio Four documentary on the BNP - Turning right

Radio 4 documentary on the BNP - Turning right

As the dust settles on May's local elections, Gerry Northam traces the rise of the far right and investigates its claims to Christian roots and respectability. Andy why, in a recent nationwide poll, did a high percentage say they would "consider" voting BNP in the next general election?

A wide range of people were interviewed for this programme including Nick Griffin and specialists from Searchlight Information Services.

BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 8 May 8pm, repeated on Sunday 13 May at 5pm


Anonymous said...

Ah, that's a shame, its not on radio fours website any more. Do you have a copy at all?

Antifascist said...

Sadly not and I see it's gone from the Listen Again section too. I did record most of the programme and wrote a review which I've posted now. It's here: