June 11, 2007

BNP councillor addresses crowd

Jeers and whistles greeted the arrival of controversial BNP councillor Michael Simpkins at Corsham Town Hall this evening.

Arriving for a town council meeting at 7.30pm, Mr Simpkins, who was elected unopposed in the Box and Rudloe ward, spoke to a crowd of more than 250 anti-BNP protesters. Despite using a loud hailer, Mr Simpkins was drowned out by the noise of protesters using drums, jeers and whistles. But while tensions continued to run high, a major pollice presence prevented any violence from erupting.

Standing outside the town hall, he said that white English people had become "strangers in their own country". He also defended his position on the town council saying he had been voted in by a process of democracy. And he accused the crowd of BNP opponents of "just feeding lies, fears and intimidation".

Wiltshire Times


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great turnout - though the BNP reckon it was around 300! Well done to the organisers.

Anonymous said...

Neo Nazi trolls have invaded the This Is Wiltshire with sickening racist slurts about Weyman Bennett's black heritage, , and calling him a "creature", and insinuating that he is a liar.


Is this the best you cowardly fascist scum can do, stuck all day and night behind your personal computers, wasting all your time trolling the internet?

No wander many of you lot, like Mark Collett, find great difficulty holding down relationships, and getting girlfriends. Every last man jack of the BNP rank and file, are social misfits.

I think the nazi sleazeballs pass the word over sites like Stormfront and the secret Yahoo BNP group, to post such bile, everytime the enemy discover anti-BNP stories on Google News.

How clever and brave the losers are???

Clever enough to support Nick Griffin's hands in the BNP till, to support his wife and kids, out of bnp members subs.

Don't you BNP trolls know you are being taken for a ride by "one-man band" Nick Griffin?, in every sense, including financially.

He's like those conmen you see being chased by cameramen on the BBC's Watchdog programme, in it only for himself.

You BNP scumbags obviously do have a lack of grey matter, or you would be deposing the dictator from his comfortable existence.

Antifascist said...

I don't think we'd argue with any of that.