June 30, 2007

Neo-Nazi nancys fret about frying their bare skinheads

Sorry, I just liked the headline :-)

Mother-hennish white supremacists planning a small rally in Boston today are more concerned with avoiding sunburn and filling their bellies with picnic food than “agitating” the public, according to the hatemongers’ Web postings. One organizer urges the neo-Nazis to cover their skinned heads with a hat “so you don’t burn your scalp,” while another boasts about his mom’s fruit salad.

Nonetheless, cops are planning to keep an eye on the rally, billed as a regional get-together in memory of David Lane, a neo-Nazi terrorist who died in May.

“We are aware of it and we’re prepared,” said Boston police spokesman David Estrada. The protests are planned for City Hall and the O’Neill Federal Building.

For the big cookout after the rally, the racists’ leaders told members to count on plenty of steak tips, boneless chicken and macaroni salad, but said they need money or other dishes, according to the Web site North East White Pride.

“Dress appropriately. . . . Drink plenty of water,” the bigots warn. One skinhead gourmand gushed that his mother’s “special desert” - a fruit salad mixed with sour cream - would wow his fellow Nazi wannabes. “It’s mixed with marshmellows (sic) and as well the fruits of all kinds and then perfectly mixed in with sour cream,” the poster, Irishskin88, brags on the Web site. “You can barely taste the sour cream. Anyhow as I said I will try and bring a big bowl.”

The dwindling ranks of skinheads turned the last North East White Pride Hub rally into a laughingstock when 125 anti-protesters ran the gaggle of 10 supremacists out of town under police guard on Martin Luther King Day 2006.

Boston Herald


Anonymous said...

Had a friend who was a devout Nazi.Seen him couple of weeks ago .I convinced him it was all crap.He even agreed with me he had just been brain washed.Anyway to cut along story short we both loaded the nazi propaganda into a metal bin and set it on fire.This is a person who I thought would never change.
If your caught up in the neo-nazi movement why not give me an email
If your confused politically .Talk to someone who has been there.

Antifascist said...

Thank you John. Keep up the good work. :-)