June 18, 2007

Britain Forward has a go at us - though not a very good one

Oh dear, yet another attack. Britain Forward, the new site set up to cause as many divisions within the BNP as possible in the run-up to the (possible) BNP election challenge, has taken exception to us sticking our noses in and daring to have an opinion of our own.

In their latest attack, they point out that they 'engaged in some long and heartfelt discussions about the danger of giving ammunition to our enemies like the bunch of trotskyist scumbags and race traitors who go by the name of Lancaster UAF'.

We'll say it again because it takes a while for these things to seep into the average fascist brain, but everyone who is opposed to the BNP and other fascist groups is not automatically a 'Trotskyist'. In fact we have people from all political persuasions in Lancaster UAF, people of all colours and people of all religions (except possibly that one in Vanuatu where they appear to regard Prince Philip as some kind of deity). Anyway, don't worry about giving us ammo - we already know most of it.

Britain Forward then tries to give the impression that it is nothing to do with Sharon Ebanks by describing her as a 'half-caste vengeful clown' but the blog has pretty clear similarities to most of the Ebanks nonsense we've read and even if it isn't directly associated with her it is clearly associated with her idiotic comrades in the NNP. In any case, it sets out its stall pretty clearly, stating that it wants to 'rescue our proud country from a tide of alien immigration that, if unchecked, will lead to the Islamification of our country.' This sounds precisely like the standard BNP rhetoric, which fits in quite nicely with the fact that the NNP is packed with BNP rejects and outcasts. Even the attacks on the BNP in the same article sound the same as the regular attacks posted on Stormfront and other nazi forums.

'To do this we must first root out the cancerous political growth within our own movement, a leader who sees our party as his personal fiefdom. Our activists have not come through the street battles of the seventies and eighties, in some cases spending time in prison for our beliefs, and experienced the start of ballot box success, to allow either red scum or our own chairman who is betraying us stand in the way of ultimate victory for the British people.'

There they go again with the 'red scum'. Though they are right about the BNP being led by Griffin, who clearly sees the whole party and its many subsidiary companies - or certainly the income - as his private property. From the revelations that are emerging via email, various forums and our own last sticky post, there is a lot to be found out that is presently only rumour and hint (at the moment).

Finally, Britain Forward ends its pretty weak (we've had a lot worse) attack with a little anti-Jewish swipe. We knew they'd get one in somehow.

'So Mr Lancaster UAF, here’s something to make you choke on your smoked salmon and gefillter fish.'

Most of us are vegan or vegetarian, we could never afford smoked salmon even if we wanted to eat it and 'gefillter' is spelled 'gefilte', dumbass. We're starting to think Nick Griffin's got nothing much to worry about if this is all his opposition can muster up to attack us. Sad or what.

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