June 21, 2007

Hatewatch for the week of June 21st 2007

Tax Evaders' Property Ordered to be Sold
While their tense stand-off with authorities continues, a judge ordered Edward and Elaine Brown's property sold to satisfy a tax judgment against them.

Ex-Klansman Convicted in '64 Case
Klansman James Seale, 71, was found guilty by a federal jury of murdering two black teenagers 43 years ago in Mississippi.

White Supremacists Plan Another Knoxville Rally
Community leaders in Knoxville are bracing themselves for another round of white power demonstrations.

Alleged Neo-Nazi Pedophile Pleads Not Guilty Again
Neo-Nazi Kevin Strom maintains his innocence as evidence - and felony charges - of child pornography and sexual coercion of a child mount.


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