June 04, 2007

NW BNP's Roy Goodwin bites the dust?

Rumour has it that the BNP's North-West regional organiser Roy Goodwin has finally been booted out after months of chaos and arguments in both the region and his local Blackpool branch. We're told that he's been replaced by former Burnley branch organiser David Shapcott.

Goodwin has come in for mountains of criticism over the past year or so, partly for his bullying, partly for his stupidity but mostly because he couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery. On second thoughts, that's probably the one thing he could organise.

The Blackpool branch of the BNP were said to have been 'stunned' that, after putting up seven candidates in the city - where they expected to grab at least a couple of seats - they managed the nice round figure of none at all. Not entirely Goodwin's fault - a combination of local union activists and Searchlight put in a lot of work to oppose them - but a great opportunity to boot him out, all the same, hastily taken by his branch.

We'd like to say something to console Goodwin in his time of trouble and tribulation - but we don't care. We're just glad to see the back of him - possibly the only thing that we share with the North-West region of the BNP.


Anonymous said...

Bloody good riddance

Anonymous said...

Here here

Anonymous said...

If the Nutzis keep kicking people out then who are we going to have to laugh at?

Antifascist said...

Nick Griffin, when he's left all on his own.