June 07, 2007

BNP links up with Channel 4 to unearth new political talent

Channel 4 chiefs have commissioned a new show aimed at putting young adults back in touch with politics.

The show, Big Brother, which went on air last week, places as many dysfunctional people as they can find in a domestic environment. The programme makers have teamed up with the British National Party, one of the countries' most outspoken political groups, who have promised to put the winners forward as MPs at the next General election.

The show has already been hailed as a success by chiefs, after contestant Emily Parr was wheeled away in the early hours of this morning after allegedly making offensive and racist remarks towards another housemate.

A BNP spokesman said, "We are encouraged by the fact that, even at this early stage of the competition, potential political candidates are emerging. Miss Parr has demonstrated a practical understanding of our ideology, and we would hope she accepts our offer to make her a prospective MP."

The spokesman continued, "Placing hand-picked dysfunctional contestants into an unnatural situation clearly brings out the unsavoury aspects of human behaviour we as a Party are looking for. We motion that all new affordable and social housing built by the government is made in the same way as the Big Brother house. This should increase racial, sexual and nationalist hostility, and decrease moral and social understanding, leading to more votes for the BNP."

Some sections of the media and public have expressed concerns that Big Brother may not be a fair reflection of UK society. However, a spokesman for Channel 4 vehemently defended the show.

"If we put normal people into the Big Brother house, and didn't subject them to psychological torture, then UK society would be perceived as tolerant and nice. This makes for dull viewing, which means less money for us."

Nevertheless, previous contestants are now distancing themselves from the show. Jade Goody, winner of the pilot show Celebrity Big Brother commented, "I'm not racist, I'm just an attention grabbing whore. I thought an MPs salary was bigger than what I thought it was. Now I know better, I'm distancing myself from politics, and going into the more lucrative field of selling my kidney live on five."

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Anonymous said...

This is weird. You do a spoof and I've got all serious (today)

Feel free to use some double entendres for the rest of the week.

Antifascist said...

Free of charge I hope. ;-)

Anonymous said...

What a load of crap.

The pickings are certainly getting thinner.

Anonymous said...

"What a load of crap."

I don't see you writing anything better.

Anonymous said...

The first BNP follower has already been evicted: -


Who will follow in the "Nick Griffin House"???