March 01, 2009

Arrested developments

Burned in Broxtowe

For all the crowing over the BNP's recent run of good local by-election results of late you could be forgiven for thinking that Gordon Brown was preparing to surrender his premiership to Nick Griffin some time towards the end of next week.

Now you and I know that reality and the BNP aren't exactly bosom buddies, and so none of us were surprised that when Paul Golding took Swanley (Sevenoaks) for the racist party the effect on the membership wasn't too different to that of their having taken a collective LSD trip. Suddenly everything and everything was possible - providing you ignored the awkwardly bad results obtained in Bilton Harrogate and Downham Lewisham on the same night.

However, as the cliché goes, a week is a long time in politics.

Out in the East Midlands - scene of many a BNP triumph - the party stood in a by-election for Broxtowe Council's Conservative-held Greasley (Giltbrook & Newthorpe) ward on Thursday, making little secret of their vaulting expectations: to come second, and a good second at that, capitalising on Labour difficulties to push them into third place.

Complacency is never a virtue in politics, and unpleasant things tend to happen to political parties suffering from the affliction.

The BNP's online army left off attacking "anti-British traitor" and "old hag" Vera Lynn and eagerly awaited the Greasley result, drinks at the ready, fingers poised to tap out paeans of praise for another job well done by the unstoppable BNP, onwards and upwards, Rule Nickannia and all that - then got the discomfiting news that their candidate had come third, and a bad third at that.

In fact, it was even worse than the BNP expected.

"The BNP need a 13% vote share across the East Midlands on June 4th to get that MEP, and in Broxtowe our candidate Wayne Shelbourn and his team managed to reach that target by the skin of their teeth," writes a ruffled Martin Wingfield on the BNP website - managing somehow to avoid telling his troops that the BNP did not "reach that target", they sank to it, losing 4% of their vote (with averaging - this is a multi-member ward) while the Labour vote rose by almost the same proportion.

All too predictably when the BNP encounters electoral setbacks it grumpily looks around to give somebody a poke in the eye, and the recipient is usually the UKIP. "The night was another disaster for UKIP with their candidate receiving a derisory 31 votes, just 1.4%," says Wingfield.

It wasn't exactly a night of glory for the BNP either, was it Martin? The truth is the BNP were badly burned in Broxtowe, and if a fall in votes is what Wingfield considers to be "reaching targets" then we wish him and the BNP every success in achieving them.

Failure fails

If I just say "Patrick Harrington" and "Solidarity" could you please get over your laughter as quickly as possible and return your attention to me?

Better now? Then I'll begin.

First of all, let's take a glimpse at the one big fighting union in action (and, just for once we don't mind linking to a fascist video): click here.

I don't know about you, but - including the cameraman - I make that four people doing their best to endanger the jobs of the employees at that Total station (but what else would you expect from a fascist "trade union"?).

And that seems to be the sum total (sorry) of the militant fighting brotherhood's contribution to the fight to secure British jobs for British workers.

Last year the one big union skulked around the backstreets of Birmingham, where a whole 27 of them decided that "together we are strong" and held their AGM under tight security at a hotel specially conned for the purpose. At that time Patrick Harrington claimed 211 members for his toy union, but as the union's murky accounts were later forced to admit, the membership then was a miserable 124.

Despite the public availability of its accounts, Harrington repeated the 211 claim at the union's most recent badly-attended AGM in Spennymoor (February 21st), adding that membership had risen to 436 - which (on the dubious assumption that it's even in the same room as the truth) is a fair way short of the 500 target our favourite fantasist set for the end of 2008

Basically the never-knowingly successful Harrington was admitting to another failure in a political life characterised by nothing else. Despite Harrington and the BNP pumping the cases of the Walker brothers and the leaked BNP membership list for all they were worth the BNP membership at large has still refused to entrust either their employment prospects or their cash into the hands of the bogus "trade union".

So it was that a tiny band of brothers gathered together in Spennymoor last week to hold their grand AGM, there to hatch mighty plans and, oh! to excuse themselves for being "caught on the hop" by the recent wildcat strikes, despite the strikes going on for a considerable time. Harrington and company must have been on some hop to have missed that particular boat, but never mind - Harrington set matters right by getting out his customary thundering declamation on the issue through the useless Accentuate PR company. It's buried somewhere on the Solidarity website, if you can be bothered to look.

Newsnight couldn't.

Nut nicked, Bigot blethers, Nutzi nauseates

For some time we've been expecting the arrest of a certain Mr Philip Bryant, proprietor of the demented racist mind behind the BNP-supporting Battle for Britain blog. It took longer than expected, but we suppose the police have bigger fish to fry - and others of Bryant's ilk to investigate...

Before getting to the heart of the matter, let's acquaint ourselves with a small selection of some of Bryant's more eloquent outpourings as made to the Norfolk Unity blog:
I think you have a thing for asian women dont you lardside,are you munching the rug of that asian girl who GA [Green Arrow] didnt like? i can remember her name but i am sure you know it.

Muslims are attacking decent people everywhere, will you guys be defending decent people, or will you be sucking Muslim cock? Let me guess! Muslim cock must be plated in gold, coz you greedy bastards can't get enough of it. You are the SHITE of the earth, and one day we will bring you to justice. We will bring you disgusting creatures to book...and that's what frightens you!

I have snap shots of your silly anti-white site. Take your Marxist bile elsewhere... Seriously, I'm recording everything you sick bastards do

Well, there are a lot more and a lot worse, but you get the picture.

Until 7.50 am on Thursday the strangely un-sectioned Bryant appears to have laboured under the delusion that he could transmit any offensive message he wished across the internet without consequence to himself - like many racists he nurses an immutable belief that it is his perfect right to say whatever he likes about whoever he likes in terms as abominable as he likes. It's about free speech, after all - or so the racists tell us.

Barking and Dagenham councillor Shaun Carroll disagreed when he became subject to Bryant's warped ideas of free speech in a threatening email from the bilious blogger, wherein Bryant accused a staggered Cllr. Carroll of being a "pervert" and a "kiddie fiddler". Cllr. Carroll duly reported the matter to the police and the long awaited knock on Bryant's door came on Thursday morning, whereupon Bryant was transported across London to Dagenham police station, there to face the music.

According to Bryant's account, he told the police that he did not believe he had committed an offence (nor, for the matter of that, did he believe it should be an offence), and after chewing it over for some time the police decided not to charge Bryant provided he accepted an adult caution.

Bryant accepted the caution because he "wouldn't have a leg to stand on" had the case gone to court, and aware that he was adding to an existing a criminal record - "numerous minor offences" as he puts it, though he does not state what these offences were.

He then says that following his caution he was led into the presence of two Scotland Yard officers, who were eager for a friendly chat concerning his online habits:
The strangest question they asked me was whether I knew the Green Arrow personally! I find this strange because the first thing I do on my computer every morning is to visit the BNP website followed by the Green Arrow blog. Have the police been spying on my surfing habits!!!!
Well of course they have! Where else were they going to collect evidence against him? Bryant has been complaining for some time about interference with his internet connection, seeming to believe that little green men have been crawling around in his hard drive - in fact data collection for police evidence can be performed either at his local BT exchange or through his ISP, and if he's using a wireless connection it's even easier than that, as the net-savvy will know.

Mention of Paul Morris, the Nantyglo Nazi, aka Green Arrow, gave the police-hating BNP blogging bigot a welcome chance to puff out his chest and bask in his own boundless self-importance, utterly insensible to his own overblown pomposity (which may or may not be the reason Morris found his marital status recently reverting to that of "single").

Windier than a Chicago gale (and clearly with the wind up him), Morris fearlessly tells the Special Branch spooks who allegedly catalogue his every move and note down every last click of his mouse button:
If you have any "new" questions for me, come and get me. You know where I am. You have had a file on me now for over thirty years and you should know that, as one of your men said to me over a year ago, "In all that time, you have never dropped the flag" and I never will.
There he goes again - pretending to have a fascist history we all know to be a figment of his imagination. And how about that quote: "In all that time, you have never dropped the flag"? Of course he hasn't - he would have had to have been carrying it in the first place. But to us the quote sounds more like Paul Morris saying what Paul Morris would most like to hear than anything likely to have left the lips of a policeman. A little like:
But I will not, cannot, stand by and let the patriots of the BNP fight my battles for me like many choose to do. I will take my place in the Shieldwall until we have taken Our Country back or I am dead.
Providing the shieldwall is safely located in cyberspace we have no doubt whatsoever that Morris can be relied upon to fight to the last megabyte of his hard-disk's capabilities.

It's all a far cry from Redwatch-admirer Morris's "I could be killed" whining when Norfolk Unity paid him back in his own coin by publishing his name and other details, which this unmanly coward was desperate to keep secret while simultaneously (and amateurishly) attempting to discover the personal details of such as yours truly.

And finally, another pro-BNP blogger desperate to keep his (or maybe her?) identity secret is the pond life behind the "Britain Awake" site. Responding to the death of little Ivan Cameron this nauseating Nutzi posts:
Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Enemies of the Britain Awake blog like to term us as vile neo-Nazi's with a pathological hatred of the disabled. Which couldn't be further from the truth, but we're not prepared to argue the toss right now!

Which brings us on to our next subject, the waste of flesh & blood that was 'ivan cameron', this piece of shit should have been drowned at birth!

Sorry if people find this offensive, but we find evil bastard David Cameron's cruel manipulation of a spastic child for political gain offensive!

You can't even describe 'ivan cameron' as a person, it was merely a pawn in David Camerons quest for power.

So we have no qualms whatsoever in saying:


Call us cruel and heartless if you like, but when this c*nt becomes PM and makes our lives even more miserable you'll all be laughing at his defective sperm!

Let's hope Cameron has had the snip, we don't want him firing out any more rubbish like 'ivan'

PS. What kind of name is 'ivan' anyway?!
You can almost smell the gas from here.


Anonymous said...

Denise, I enjoyed that.

"Complacency is never a virtue in politics, and unpleasant things tend to happen to political parties suffering from the affliction."

Problem is the main political parties don't seem to know they're suffering from the afflication, so they just go piling up BNP votes.

Tell a worker losing his job that it's okay because they can go work in Europe and you give another vote to the BNP.

It doesn't work like that.

That said I hope Lancaster Unity carries on exposing the BNP for the hypocrites they are.

Anonymous said...

Martin Wingfield is the kiss of death for any BNP campaign this is not the first time he has talked the BNP up only for it to fall flat on its face.

Despite almost everyone warning the BNP could take a Euro seat in June, I think the BNP may find its vote actually goes down.

Anonymous said...

Ha Palmer and his sleazy bunch may have won the battle but they are fast losing the war!!

Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the sick and evil comments surrounding David Cameron's late son are republished in anti-BNP election literature, to show people that the BNP hate disabled people as much as black people, gay people, and Muslims.

Get busy, Searchlight!

Anonymous said...

That comment about David Cameron's child shocked even me, and I've shared the company of this vile scum and thought I'd heard it all.

And these people have asperations of political power? I wish LU all the very best in all you do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if GA has ever "dropped the flag" but he was happy enough to drop the "14 words" from his blog in order to try to ingratiate himself with Griffin, even though Griffin ridicules GA publicly.


Kirklees Unity said...

Do we know who is responsible for the "Britain Awake" blog?

Anonymous said...

further to the Battle for Britain blog, he posted another diatribe yesterday, went well over the line and will probably be facing arrest again.

He took the offending post off late yesterday afternoon obviously somebody told him he had gone too far.

I have a copy of the original post but because of my internet provider cannot forward it on, I do hope someone else has a copy.

Todays post makes for interesting reading as well.

As for the comments about David Camerons son they are sick evil and nasty......its about time this government started to use the powers that it has.


Barbara Suzuki said...

I checked a couple of the sites you mentioned, and am dismayed by the vicious stream-of consciousness bloody-minded wrong-headed rants that these BNP supporters are releasing into the public domain.
'Freedom of speech' does not excuse such crass public behaviour, and the insulting of Vera Lynn, Ivan Cameron and others (including yourself) is utterly deplorable. The authors should be and will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Britain Awake shit his pants and closed his blog down.

Antifascist said...

'Looks like Britain Awake shit his pants and closed his blog down.'

It does, too. Bloody good riddance.

Anonymous said...

"'Looks like Britain Awake shit his pants and closed his blog down.'"


Anonymous said...

How much are the Solidarity retards paying Accentuate to post their own press releases on their own website, 'cos they don't show up anywhere else?

I hope Total have the nous to get Solidarity in court for compensation, especially after Walker said their picket cost them thousands.

Anonymous said...

"Britain Awake"....... your country needs armchair warriors like him.

What a sick and twisted little man!

I hope that someone tracks him down and lets him feel the pain that people do when they lose a loved one.

Just the pain, not the hurt.

Anonymous said...

Wingfield had removed Sundays blog entry which mentioned being told to piss off and someone threatening to beat him up.

Obviously he is been told that honest reporting is banned, so has had to remove the post!

Talk about making yourself look stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Wingfield had removed Sundays blog ... Talk about making yourself look stupid."

He is a total sap, one minute he is saying he feels the BNP are replacing the libdems as the natural party to get protest votes and claiming last weeks by election would support that theory - it didnt - the next he is advising the rank and file BNPers not to get their hopes up, perhaps he should have followed his own advice and then he wouldnt have been left with egg all over his face when Thursdays result came in showing that the BNPs vote had plummeted.

PS: Anyone else seen the BNP paper "Freedom"? The lay out is truly awful, it is so hard to read, too many articles, too many photos whilst many of the headings and even images look like they are stretched to be fully justified, basic errors of design. And the font for almost every heading is the same font and size. Its so funerial and static. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull,

Thought they had a 'design guru' - time for Freedom had a makeover? Or sack the guru?

Anonymous said...

"Wingfield had removed Sundays blog entry which mentioned being told to piss off"


Cant say Im that surprised what sort of idiot admits on a public viewable blog that his own party's election campaign is not going very well, it may be honest but it's hardly the mark of an electoral genius - all it takes is some enterprising person from another party to put something on their own leafets along the lines of "Even a BNP leader admits the public are telling the BNP here to clear off, the BNP cannot win this seat and this proves it, dont waste your vote on the BNP" indeed it isnt hard to imagine the detrimental effect Wingfields words will have and just how much the BNP vote will slump as a result.

It's a classic own goal.

Strange thing is Wingfield was writing just the other day how 'nationalism' has been skilful in "own goal scoring" in the past, well Wingfield, you have just maintained the standard, in spectacular style.

Does this Wingfield fellow NEVER follow his own advice?

Green Gordon said...

Is this "Britain Awake" back?