April 12, 2009

Beat a bigot in a ballot

This chilling picture shows BNP deputy leader Simon Darby being given a NAZI SALUTE at a fascist rally.

Three extremists flashed the banned Hitler-style sign to the British far-right boss outside the event in Italy. Our exclusive snap fuels fears of danger ahead as the British National Party gains popularity in the recession.

Last night Labour MP Jon Cruddas said: "This shows the BNP are a gang of thugs parading as politicians."


Anyone doubting the danger of the BNP should look no further than the straight-arm salutes greeting deputy leader Simon Darby at a meeting in Mussolini's old stamping ground.

Darby is leading his party's drive for votes in June's Euro elections - and they may win up to three seats. Giving them the right to stick their snouts in a money-trough that could fund yet more of their bile.

Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman is right to warn that the BNP "are a bigger threat than ever." And on polling day, they will rely on the apathy of mainstream voters. So on June 4 remember these salutes. Use your vote wisely. And keep the BNP out of Brussels.



Anonymous said...

If LU had anything to do with this story being published, a big well done.

It should also be pointed out wherever possible that a direct connection to historical Italian fascism can be drawn through Darby's host, Roberto Fiore, whose own ticket to Brussels came courtesy of none other than Papa Fash's grand-daughter.

Kev Scott loves The Jam said...

I see the BNP have already hijacked the comments page of (probably their fave sunday read) the NotW,

Anyone who feels like redressing the balance ;-)

Anonymous said...

On closer look at this photo Darby is definately going bald on top, must be all the pats he gets on his head from Dicky, and Nicky.