April 19, 2009

BNP cover-up

AN OFFICIAL handbook for BNP activists reveals how they plan to cover up the LIES and DECEIT behind their election campaigns.

It shows how the far-right party has drawn up schemes to smear Labour and the Tories in June Euro elections. And it has advised members how to make sure plots to stir up violence stay secret in an attempt to con voters into thinking they are respectable.

The Activists' & Organisers' Handbook tells them to:
  • USE internet blogs to put out damaging stories about rivals.
  • NEVER advocate violence in emails-in case they are leaked.
  • ENSURE supporters wear hats over their skinhead haircuts when out campaigning.
The guide's advice on using the internet suggests setting up blogs that do not appear to be BNP sites to help them collect information for smear campaigns.

Party thugs are told not to even mention violence in emails in case they get out. The guide says: "Don't use it to express extreme views or advocate violence. Your emails are probably less secure than you think."

Activists are also told to refer to the party as the British National Party not the BNP because it sounds "much more reasonable and comfortable".

And members of the party, led by Nick Griffin, must not dress like thugs when campaigning. The guide states: "No naked torsos in summer, unshaven scruffs or skinhead haircuts (put them in caps or hats)."

A spokesman for anti-racist group Searchlight, which uncovered the book, said: "This booklet exposes the reality behind the BNP mask of respectability. What other political party feels the need to ask its senior organisers to be careful not to get caught discussing their plans for violent behaviour on the internet? This shows they are the same old extremists, with the same agenda of hate and division."

The BNP has revealed it is collecting masses of data on its opponents' sexual orientation ready for character assassination campaigns if they criticise the party. Its official declaration on the Data Protection Register shows information about "relatives, guardians and associates" of any critics is also being gathered.


John P said...

The handbook can be downloaded from the BNP website which is kind of them in pdf format from here. http://bnp.org.uk/2008/07/new-activist-handbook-comments-invited/

I will put it up on rapidshare or something like that tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Theres a much better article in the Times about this

Anonymous said...

Wow, do the BNP really wnat to point fingers at anyone else's sexual preferences? I would have thought that even they would have more sense to open this can of worms which inevitably will reflect most badly on them!

Alex (Ockendon Essex) said...

It's a pity News Of The World didn't research this a bit more because they could have found much more regarding the BNP and it's skinhead connections.

The BNP Organiser for Thurrock is a member of the UK's most notorious skinhead gang "The Tilbury Trojan Skins"

He is also a band member of a skinhead nazi band "Angela Rippons Bum" which is selling records & CDs all over the world to Skinhead thugs.

He also has a blog, http://davestrickson.blogspot.com/ , where he openly expresses his liking for all things skinhead.

Google his gang and his band, its unbelievable nobody has noticed this before.

Jo said...

Yet more proof that the BNP is just a collection of bootboys in suits.

Anonymous said...

"What other political party feels the need to ask its senior organisers to be careful not to get caught discussing their plans for violent behaviour on the internet?"

I doubt whether anybody could have summed it up better. By their own words the BNP stand condemned as a gang of nazi thugs with a natural propensity for violence.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a wind up??????? Dicky has been wearing the same brown suit for the past 4/5 years with all the allowances that are finding their way into his wallet you would have thought that he would have been instructed to get a new suit by now.

As for the hair, it seems Dicky has recently discovered hair gel, poor boy he dont know how to use it it looks as though he is just putting a very large dollop of the stuff on the front of his hair and there you go.

obviously Darby is not doing his job very well.


Anonymous said...

Co9uld it be that the scum are afraid that most decent people translate BNP as

British Nonces Party ? Old Sailor

PADDY inthurrock said...

Alex (Ockendon Essex)

Alex you don't have to tell me about this arrogant scumbag and "The Tilbury Trojan Skins" thurrock had to endure their thuggish violent behaviour every weekend after they came back from the west ham games.

He and his band of nazi's skinhead goons can be seen every weekend goose-stepping around thurrock pedalling his filth, stuck between his body builder body guards and thugs giving it large.

I followed the link you gave to his toilet bog site and was confused as he has a lot of black artist playing on it.

How can the large dildo like the same music as me, I can only assume this slimy nazi nutbag is on a windup as he has stated he hates blacks and has joined in on P*CKI BASHING.

He should be locked up, how can he get away with everything with all this stuff on the net, go to his site, protest it and get it shut down.