April 11, 2009

Colin Jordan is Dead...Happy Easter!

Rot in hell you evil Nazi scumbag

John Colin Campbell Jordan (June 1923 - 9 April 2009) was a leading figure in the postwar Far Right in Britain. In the far-right circles of the 1960s, Jordan represented the most explicitly 'Nazi' inclination in his open use of the styles and symbols of the Third Reich.

Through organisations such as the National Socialist Movement and the World Union of National Socialists, Jordan advanced a pan-Aryan "Universal Nazism". Although later unaffiliated with any political party, Jordan remained an influential voice on the British far right at Cambridge.

Jordan had formed a "Nationalist Club", from which he was invited to join the short-lived British Peoples Party, a group of former British Union of Fascists members led by Lord Tavistock, heir to the Duke of Bedford. Jordan soon became associated with Arnold Leese and was left a property in Leese's will, which became the base of operations when Jordan launched the White Defence League in 1956.

Jordan would later merge this party with the National Labour Party to form the British National Party in 1960, although he would split from this after a quarrel with John Bean, who felt that Jordan's open National Socialism was a bar to progress. As a result, he founded the National Socialist Movement (1962, later becoming the British Movement in 1968) along with John Tyndall.

In August 1962, Jordan hosted an international conference of National Socialists in Gloucestershire resulting in the formation of the World Union of National Socialists, of which Jordan was the commander of its European section throughout the 1960s, and at which he was elected "World Fuhrer".

On 16 August, Jordan and Tyndall (amongst others) were charged under the Public Order Act with attempts to set up a paramilitary force called Spearhead.

In the Leyton byelection of 1965 Jordan was punched at a public meeting by Denis Healey, then Secretary of State for Defence. The fracas came about because the far right were using the by-election to stir up inter-racial hatred to defeat the Labour candidate (and Foreign Secretary) Patrick Gordon-Walker. He had already been defeated in the October 1964 general election in the Smethwick constituency after racist campaigning tactics by the successful Conservative candidate, Peter Griffiths.

In October 1963, while John Tyndall was still in prison, Jordan, who had just been released, married Tyndall's fiancée, Françoise Dior, the former wife of a French nobleman and the niece of the French fashion designer Christian Dior. When Tyndall was eventually released, he split with Jordan in 1964 to form the Greater Britain Movement.

Colin Jordan’s political career was brought to an end in 1976, after he was found guilty of stealing a pair of womens’ knickers from Marks and Spencer.

In the 1980s, Jordan revived Gothic Ripples, originally Leese's publication, as his personal mouthpiece.

Jordan maintained ties to groups led by Kevin Watmough, such as the White Nationalist Party and the British Peoples Party as well as the American National Socialist Workers Party.

In 2000, he expressed scepticism over the efforts of the British National Party to soften its hard right stance.Colin Jordan died at his Pateley Bridge home on 9 April 2009.

Kirklees Unity hopes Jordan rots in hell.....save a pitchfork for Griffin

Kirklees Unity


Mr Odin said...

Ho ho ho, though I see the nazis at Stormfront are upset. Most of them seem to say the same thing.

"Another one bound for Valhalla. RIP."

These people need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

How will I recognise him when I get to Valhalla, will he be wearing his (Jewish) red panties?

bickie said...

Only one cure for nazis.

Old Knight off Stormfront has cancer. Hopefully we can expect some good news by christmas.

Anonymous said...

They say you should say nothing but good about the dead.

Jordan is dead - GOOD !

Old Sailor