April 25, 2009

Hope not hate European election leaflet

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The new hardhitting HOPE not hate leaflet designed for the European elections is available now. It exposes the fascist core at the heart of the BNP and how they want to link up with other hardline fascists and racists in the European Parliament. A4 folded to DL size, full colour.

Check prices and order from here or the leaflet can be downloaded for printing from here (830kb pdf).


Jimmy (Preston) said...

Very nicely designed. Cheap too.

Anonymous said...

It's a nice design and I don't want to appear unappreciative but I find myself asking a few questions.

Why no photo of Darby being saluted by Italian fascists on entering the meeting with Fiore?

Why no mention of the fact that Fiore inherited his Euro seat from Alessandra Mussolini, a name which might ring a few bells with some people?

Has legal advice been taken about the description of Fiore as a "convicted terrorist"? Strictly speaking he isn't, and he has a history of taking legal action.

Personally speaking I also have concerns about over-reliance on celebrities to influence how people vote. To me it comes across as patronising.

Just a few personal concerns, please don't slaughter me for them. To put it into perspective overall I think it is a superb leaflet and the presentation is exceptional. I really hope it does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Good leaflets

Anonymous said...

Nice leaflet, who will be delivering them ?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully thousands of you will
Brothers and Sisters.
Tens of thousands out already today.

Denise G said...

"Nice leaflet, who will be delivering them ?"

Me, for one.

Anonymous said...

Are versions of this and other leaflets available as Risographed leaflets ?

I ask as we may need to use them in South Walesm using "in House" printing.

Walsall 77 said...

I helped deliver a few thousand today in Walsall.

Cracking day it was too. Some great characters and great speeches over lunch.

Really enjoyed meeting the Searchlight/HnH people as they most certainly lead from the front.
I joined up at www.hopenothate.org.uk