April 07, 2009

The Nasty Party

On the morning of 25 February the Conservative Party announced the tragic news that Ivan Cameron, the six-year-old son of Conservative Party leader David Cameron and his wife Samantha, who suffered from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, had died. In a rare show of unity figures from across the political spectrum united to send their condolences and best wishes to the heartbroken family.

Not so the British National Party. True, the BNP website carried a brief statement from Nick Griffin expressing his sympathy in an attempt to portray himself as a statesman and the BNP as a “normal” political party.

This ruse failed to disguise the fact that the Camerons had not even had the chance to bury their “beautiful boy” before certain BNP members were displaying their true colours.

In a cruel and warped outburst against those who had expressed their condolences at the death of Ivan Cameron, Jeff Marshall (pictured), the central London BNP organiser, who lives in Whitechapel, wrote: “We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.”

Not content with attacking those mourning the death of a severely disabled child who brought “joy and love to those around him”, Marshall continued in his sick tirade, stating that although it would be “a kindness” to kill children with disabilities, this was not the same as advocating such a measure as compulsory state policy. “But so what if it is,” he asked. “At least we would all know where we stand. There is actually not a great deal of point in keeping these sort of people alive, after all.”

Marshall’s disturbing and repellent views recall those of Tony Lecomber, who was, until 2008, one of Griffin’s right-hand men. Lecomber proposed a racist eugenics programme, echoing that of the Nazi murderer Dr Josef Mengele, which advocated a “racially purer” Britain through the sterilisation of the poor, the sick and the disabled. Lecomber believed, and presumably still does, that the rich are “genetically superior” to ordinary people and that poor people should not be allowed to have their own children.

Marshall, who was seventh on the BNP’s London Assembly list in May 2008, is a racist who wants to raise tension between white and Muslim communities.

His own views make it perfectly clear that he wishes to foment the sort of “civil war” that Nick Griffin constantly harps on about and from which only the BNP can gain. “The Muslims must be wound up as much as possible – so they will make the maximum amount of trouble. Then it will be clearer to the public what immigration has done to this country.”

Could the BNP make its views or strategy any clearer?



Anonymous said...

Jeff marshall has made comments that britain shouldn't have gone to war with nazi germany in world war 2. Pure BNP scum.

PB said...

What a vile bastard Mr Marshall is.

Anonymous said...

He's an ugly fucker that's for sure. I think we should institie a program of uglygenics immediately.

Dr P said...

"Marshall continued in his sick tirade, stating that although it would be “a kindness” to kill children with disabilities"

One wonders how he would feel if he were to have a child or grandchild born with disabilities. It appears to be true that if BNP members are not racist, they're certainly sociopaths.

Brochures Printing said...

I hate it when Marshall said that it is kind to kill children with disabilities, that they are unproductive and weak. Children who were born with disabilities never wished to be born as such, thus, they should not be treated like that.


Please, please Searchlight, remind possible BNP voters near election time, nationally, about Marshall, an advocate of anti-disabled eugenics.

Get spokespeople from disabled charities to make quotes condemning him and his party.

This will stop Nick Gri££in winning a seat in the northwest.


Blue Donkey said...

Lecomber is still working behind the scenes and has regular contact with Griffin.

Cyburn said...

I bet NG will "apologise" for Mr Marshall comments then say if a Muslim said that he would get off scot-free.

Whitechapel huh, isnt that area full of Muslims in which the BNP hates.
Maybe Mr Marshall lives in those "yuppie" apartments instead of the slums and flat where the old white working class lived.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Marshall was against Britain fighting nazism and Hitler during World War II. Here are his typical BNP arguements:

"So this seemed to be the direction Hitler was taking. However he didn't threaten our Empire – where was his navy after all? – or Great Britain itself. So was the huge sacrifice that our country was forced to make worth it in the end – especially since we are still living with the consequences (e.g. loss of British prestige & power, mass immigration)?

It was not appeasement that caused the disaster to this country, as you claim, but the events of the war itself. The `select few' (Churchill, etc.) seemed like warmongers at the time. By contrast, appeasement was a rational philosophy – necessary to protect our country our trade and our empire."

Source: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/1Party4All/message/2076

And, again Jeff Marshall makes the same twisted arguement in a further posting:

"However, having done nothing prior to 1939 - other than trying to appease him, it is arguable that continuing to appease him would have been a much better idea than declaring war on him for, er, attacking Poland? I mean - what? Come again? Why on earth would we want to lay down British lives to save Polish ones - and even less sacrifice them on behalf of the Russians when Hitler later invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

That Britain declared war on Germany to save a certain quantity of Jews, homosexuals and the mentally deficient? Now, I've nothing at all against these sorts of people - but, um, don't you think we might have tried sanctions instead? Instead of a world war, that is? Do you really think the sacrifice was worthwhile? Britain effectively lost its Empire, lost its status as a great power and countless numbers of British lives - and all for this? I wonder how the Brits would have responded if you could have given them this piece of information in 1939."

Source: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/1Party4All/message/2074

And, here's Jeff Marshall's racist hatred of Muslims:

“Under any jurisdiction I might impose Muslims would not be second class citizens. Second class citizenship would be something they would aspire to. Freedom of speech doesn't matter at all where
people like this are concerned. They shouldn't be in this country. End of story.”

Source: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/1Party4All/message/2222

Under the topic heading, 'BNP government', Jeff Marshall mixes his hatred of gays and lesbians with his hatred for Muslims in one post!:

"No promoting of homosexuality as desirable

No more mosques to be built."

Source: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/1Party4All/message/2190

Anonymous said...

Interesting anti-Jewish swipe by Jeff Marshall in attacking the presence of books in public libraries highlighting the Holocaust against the Jews by the nazis:

"The old Dalston library was once an excellent resource & you could always use it to help with school homework. Now it contains only the patchiest collection of books aimed at ‘minorities’.

A British history section? Some hope! Just Holocaust studies .."

Source: http://www.vtunnel.com/index.php/1110110A/5fb51f1e98139b4b31ca57d59f42a41be96e126d8921bbeee08c50803cc68b674e27eada8841d17d303cfff6790b433e37f3b85cc499da24ab5dea39364ef868f846d903b17639ab16782

Anonymous said...

Below are various racist comments by BNP London organiser Jeff Marshall in which he calls Asians "Pakis", attacks Asians in general and refers to non-Whites as "scum":

1) Jeff Marshall calling Asians "Pakis":

"I am getting a bit tired of hearing Pakis define core British values as ´fish and chips´"

Source: http://www.vtunnel.com/index.php/1110110A/5fb51f1e980b864522c455d39258b01af821036e886ba9f0e1d61c8f3cccd7251163fc96d61dd1226f7ea3f42a571e2d3ceaad5e879ed725bd5ca62d3d0ce720f04dca59aa2f32aef89b0d3d551c3aab850c22dfd66f12ce6e16782

2) Jeff Marshall's general attack on Asians:

"“No, the reason they're here is not because they are either useful or skilled. It's because the Labour government made the mistake of giving British passports to the parents of such people when ex-colonies such as theirs were granted independence. So, what with – first – the unfortunate legacies of Empire ... it has basically been one f*** up after another.”

Source: http://www.vtunnel.com/index.php/1110110A/ca1c5e3d0d850057ffd7b97e8ddc47ff15afc5c8a6ebfba6d615e5ca69891bfc6b450a2ee0d3f2e9ca9e741d38b542eb5c2f80ee3eb7a76f387969b6b1cb33b69e6b2192b0d83067a269f142e25a1839c4c02e71807147c1c0dfc316683

3) Under the following link, you can read Jeff Marshall refer to non-Whites as "scum":


Anonymous said...

Wow, BNP twat Jeff Marshall really does have a motor mouth. In an anti-Labour posting (and, signing off as 'Jeffrey Marshall' of the 'British National Party') Jeff Marshall outlines his dodgy sexist views on women as little more than baby making machines from the age of 16 onwards:

"16 seems a perfectly good age for a girl to have a child. It is a biologically opportune time.

Furthermore, I cannot see why the majority of women should have any ambition at all beyond becoming mothers. This is quite natural."

Source: thevoiceofreason-ann.blogspot.com/2009/03/shock-horror-labour-mp-says-single-mums.html

Looks like Jeff Marshall is from the 'rape and beat women cuz they enjoy it' school of thought pioneered by the previous BNP London organiser, Nick Eriksen.