April 20, 2009

BNP says some members are oddballs, troublemakers and liars

An oddball (left) and a liar (right)
The British National party is urging its members not to set up official party blogs in the run-up to this year's European elections because "they can't write proper English" and "get carried away with conspiracy theories", according to a leaked internal guide for senior party activists.

The handbook says that some BNP members are "oddballs", "Walter Mitty characters", "compulsive liars" and "born troublemakers", and advises activists: "If you hear something odd or unpleasant about someone either forget about it or ask them about it to their face."

Polling experts believe that the far-right party, led by Nick Griffin, has a chance of picking up its first seats in the European parliament in the June elections.

The handbook states that "while we cannot stop individuals using the internet ... the BNP does not allow members or units to run websites or blogs which use the BNP logo or party name in their title, or which give the impression of being official BNP operations". Instead, members are advised to "set up political sites which appear to be totally independent of any political party, including ours".

The guide says that these "apparently independent sites exposing the wrongdoings and failings of the old parties and making subtly favourable reference to the BNP, will be much more attractive and convincing to the wider public than sites which are clearly ours".

The document was leaked to the anti-racist group Searchlight, which said: "Everyone knows the BNP is comprised of troublemakers, oddballs and liars, but it's surprising to see them being described like that in their own training manual."



Dicky Barnbrook(Artist) said...

And some of us are alcoholics.

Dood said...

Just for once, the BNP isn't telling lies - Almost EVERYONE in the BNP IS an oddball and a liar.

Anonymous said...

"BNP says some members are oddballs, troublemakers and liars"

and drunks, would-be child molesters, perverts,drug dealers and thugs. Have i missed anything?

Anonymous said...

"Have i missed anything?"

Yes, fucking idiots.

Barbara Suzuki said...

Where are the categories of 'nasty', 'bonkers' and 'raving lunatic'?

Dave said...

"making subtly favourable reference to the BNP"

Subtle? Since when was any BNP member subtle?

Jo said...

Amazing to see the BNP telling the truth for once. :)

Anonymous said...

The handbook says that some BNP members are "oddballs", "Walter Mitty characters", "compulsive liars" and "born troublemakers"

That describes Nick Griffin but what about the rest of them?

Anonymous said...

Is this why Dicky is no longer putting daily bulletin posts on his Telegraph blog?

Oddball???? i could think of a few far stronger words than that.


drugdealer said...

Nick pays us to run our site.


geebee said...

Well done with the photos: - featuring two of the most famous screwloose oddballs, Gri££o and Bumbrook. Others include Collett. Hannam, LeComber, Darby and Marlene Guest!

LU supporter said...

"Nick pays us to run our site.


Wouldn't surprise us in the least.

OTT said...

The BNP finally admit they're screwloose psychos!

Psycho Surgeon said...

What next?

Will the BNP section its own members under the Mental Health Act, lol???

mista angree said...

As well as being advised to piss their pants laughing at the oddball BNP, voters also need to be reminded of the serious danger that if the BNP get into Europe, they will link up with their friends in the FN and the NPD who regularly organise the destruction of war graves and Jewish cemetaries, and who express the love of Adolf Hitler.

Forget the BNP's hijacked world war two themes when they secretly support Hitler himself. You can't get any more anti-british than that!

dotty said...

The biggest troublemaker is that Gri££in bastard himself, Cyclops being the be-all and the end-all of the BNP.

The sooner the members realise what the leadership think of them, they'll kick the party into touch and move on!

Sykologyst said...

Many people turn to racism and the BNP because they were bullied at school, couldn't find love because of physical imperfections (Mark Collett's infamously small penis), or could never hold down a career, and were secuced by the cult of the outsider that is hate politics.

Rather than blaming themselves, these sad losers (and I do fell sorry for them), they blame others and join the goddamn bnp!

ex member said...

Here comes the acid(tab) test for all rank and file members, folks: -

To BNP members everywhere, you now know in official black and white print Gri££in says you are scum, and admits he is just using you to get a seat in Brussels.

If it was any other political party (a proper party that is, the tories, labs or liberals), and they did such a Gerald Ratner (remember him?), who the f*ck would remain in the party?

For instance, if the LibDems said in a printed document that "most members were senile sanfdal-wearing enviroloonies", but they don't.

All of the main political outfits respect their rank and file members, despite infighting. By dissing your average street-level members, you are cutting off your noses to spite your face Nick Gri££in.

But because it is the BNP, Gri££in also assumes the rank and file members are "thick" as well as lying, thieving and corrupt, and will follow their egotisticial leader over the cliff like lemmings.

Everybody who remains in a party which openly declares it hates them obviously are thick as two short planks, and deserves everything they will get when Gri££in buggers off to Europe!

"Paedo Boy Mark Collett as the new BNP leader!"

* said...

How long will it be before the rank and file BNP members know they are being taken for a ride!

essexman said...

If a football manager admitted most of his players were shite, there would be no morale, and everyone would leave.

If anyone of a reasonable IQ is left in the party, remember to turn the lights off when you leave.


rebel said...

You just know it's the BNP. No other party would call its members fruitcakes and expect them to remain loyal!

NG's arrogance is sick!

Milly Meters said...

"Mark Collett's infamously small penis".

...... Micropenis is the medical term!

openwideandsayta said...

Any members who remain in the party after this, idly sucking Griffin's cock like the beast is Odin himself, deserve a huge sour mouthful of Welshpool spunk!"

Anonymous said...

The censors are out on ScumFront! lol

vex said...

how much more can cyclops griffin.take the pee and expect party loyalty?

X said...

Indeed! If the leadership of the Conservative Party openly called itself a party of toffee-nosed toffs, or Labour, a party of plebs, there would be no party left.

But the BNP? Why the loyalty to the lying, thieving toerag?

steve said...

Anyone who retains their BNP party membership after this must genuinely be thick, and beyond help!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the memo is threatening to cause more rebellion amongst the party faithful, this morning.

There might not be a BNP left by the end of the day!

Watch this space: -

Anonymous said...



salt shaker said...

Few BNP members care less about what people say about them in public, cos they are thick as two short planks.

How many members got behind Sadie Graham when she tried to save the party from Griffin?

jd said...

The reason why people would remain in the party after being insulted and abused by Gri££o is because they secretly enjoy being called weirdos!

It's a sadomassochistic self-harm longing that sits easily with the bizzare sex lives that many BNP members lead.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has had the covert blog set up some time ago to attack BNP people who griffin hates!

E W said...

this should be the final straw but I just know it wont

the BNP really is NGs plaything

didnt realise this a few years back but i can see it clearly now. NG gets into europe with the hard graft of his memebrs only to betray them and destroy his party

if i was still a member i would be seething but most members have no brains and sadly swallow whatever shit comes their way

Anonymous said...

I thought Sharon Ebanks left BNP?

MR HAPPY said...

It's given me a laugh!

Thanks Nick Griffin for putting the boot in on your own members!


Anonymous said...

Bye-bye fascist scum!

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make it up, lol

punk pg said...

"There might not be a BNP left by the end of the day!

Watch this space": -

Who are you kidding? The party faithful are subhuman members of the would-be masterrace who happen to like being shat on!

pondlife said...

Nick Griffin called Sadie Graham a troublemaker, if I remember right?

art said...

There might not be a BNP left by the end of the day! Watch this space: -

Pigs might also fly.

The December rebellion petered out to a soggy mess.

BNP members are lemmings, doing their utmost to help Nasty Nick get his seat in Europe while being made fun of.

greeeny said...

The BNP has often called their supporters chavs and thugs, but this slur on their integrity is the biggest yet.

Their only reward for being loyal to a party which hates their guts will be Mark Collett to take over as party leader, and a disciplinary shag with Marlene Guest if they don't like it (her arse in your face until you turn gay and fancy Collett!)

Anonymous said...

What's Ebanks doing now?

Anyone know?

John P said...

This handbook has been on the BNP website since August. How come none of the regional organisers raised the issue or by their silence do they agree with what the handbook says.

Anonymous said...

Who was Gerald Rattner?

gen said...

I think many regional organisers are under the pay of Nick Gri££in to keep their stupid mouths shut!

stuart h said...

It could be that nobody can be arsed reading bullshit memos which says a lot for party morale.

Yes indeedie if theyres anyone left still in the party who has at least a single braincell tell your fuhrer where to go!

:) said...

Also reported here

You do get some bloody good articles on here LU :)

carlos said...

Ratner was a jewelry magnate in the ninetees who appeared on television and told all his customers that his jewelry was shit.

A year later, his company with many high street stores went bust.

The same thing should happen to Nick "The Cyclopps Griffin" if there's any justice in the world, calling his helpers loonies,

final straw said...

It's funny how BNP gimps appeared outside of the election count in Burnley all those years ago, with gags over their mouths warbling on about the "powers that be" preventing their free speech, when they now call their members conspiracy theorists and are censoring their very own members from daring to open their mouths.

The BNP are bloody hypocrites. Damn them to hell!

somewhere said...

Yes, thanks Lancs Unity for showing the BNP for the racists, hypocrites and bullies they really are.

Keep up the good work.

Can't believe this will result in another split in the BNP as 99% of members are braindead zombies who can't see the wood for the trees

parlham said...

This post ought to be left at the top of your blog for the next few days as a stickie - as it seems to have generated lots of interest with both anti-fascists and mizzled party members.

Anonymous said...

I hope if anyone gets the "arse in your face until you love Colette" treatment for party dissent after Griffin retreats to brussels gets shown on You Tube.

Would beat that video which showed Paedo Boy being interrogated by the BPP.


matty said...

Thanks for making me visualise being tortured by Marlene Guest. It put me off my dinner!

Thank god I'm not a fascist !

Anonymous said...

Well done for the gaping own goal, Nick Griffin.

You've made Christmas come early!

yes said...

I hope someone has kept a copy. The document is likely to be taken offline and edited to try to save the BNP's embarrasment.

jock said...

Anyone know what's being said elsewhere as I only visit this site?

Have the BNP's censorship machine already stopped all dissent against Nick Griffin's leadership, to give the thieving conniving twat a clear run for Europe?

wiganer said...

Being revoltingly racist isn't the only admission quality needed for joining the BNP.

You must be ugly, arse-licking, and (after this, if you're still a member) thick as pigshite.

toots said...

Rank and file BNP members are like the trembling brown-tongue brigade of nobodies who sucked up to Nick Griffin-like school bullies, happily giving over their dinner money just so they be friends with the bully.

Bullies never repay kindness or loyalty, so beware, you BNP loyalists!

The BNP is not a political party. It's the personality cult of Nicholarse Griffin.

officeworkerls1 said...

Kind of funny when confirmed racists like the BNP criticise ethnic minorities for (sometimes) not speaking English as their first language when they admit their own members can't speak English even though they have lived here all of their lives.

I have just fallen off my chair in a stupour of ironic laughter.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the best article against the BNP ever after Nazi Boy and the damp-squib rebel fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is a piece of shit, corrupt, sexually deviant in it only for himself. He is hated by so many, and I should because I was in that fucking vile little gri££in cult for years, to my shame.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin's personally screwing each and every member up the jacksie and nobody's bright enough to realise it.


Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen this years accounts? Seems like they need to get in to Europe because donations dried up. They want to milk Eurofascists as well as Anglofascists. The 14 words of cheque bouncing;

Nick Griffin is now in control and in charge - hand over the cash untermensch.

Alex (Ockendon, Essex) said...

They forget to mention violent thugs, especially this prick who runs Griffins constituency target seat in Thurrock.


ChildLine said...

The handbook adds: “Millions of people live very lonely and isolated lives. The decline of the family and the break-up of communities mean there is a big gap in [their] lives. Filling that gap, giving people an ‘alternative extended family’, is the most powerful recruiting tool.”

Therefore, Nick Griffin admits he is seeking out even more Mark Collett style social misfits and losers who can't form relationships to become party members.

How many of these loners and misfits will be paedos and kiddy fiddlers???????

It makes you shudder when the party preys upon social outcasts to become members.


Now I know why there are so many paedos in the BNP.

The misfits and Paedos are part of the BNP's "extended family".

Hope this "extended family" stays well away from proper families with children who could be abused by the party's swelling rank of dangerous child-abusing perverts.

Now I know why the upper eshalons of the BNP kept quiet after the Blackpool hotel child sex grooming incident!

The BNP's "Extended Family" is most probably an intricate peadophile ring, where if Collett and Hannam had been shopped to the police, Collett would, as he threatened, have turned "Queen's Evidence" against maybe Nick Griffin himself.



tgh said...

I guess a lot of BNP members read this blog

Anonymous said...

Fookin ell, 60-odd comments. people are quite taken with this, aren't they. LOL

John P said...

Its still online on the BNP's website if anybody wants a good laugh.

Smokey said...

Interesting. Thanks for the link, John.

"We must endeavour to present ourselves as ordinary everyday citizens..."

The implication is that they are NOT ordinary citizens. If that's the case, what the hell are they???

dave said...

Think theres a lot of miffed bnp members realising for the first time (thanks to this blog) that their party hates them.

enlightened said...

So much for democracy in the BNP. You lot are indeed right - they are fascists!!

true said...

The BNP leadership are social misfits, and inevitably perverts, the dregs of society wearing political clothing to further Cyclop's burgeoning ego.

... said...

This is the biggest gaffe the cyclops has ever made. No-doubt griffin will try to blame it on the rebels and people like s ebanks!

Anonymous said...

The British National party is urging its members not to set up official party blogs in the run-up to this year's European elections because "they can't write proper English"

LOL That really is a killer!

Anonymous said...

When I read this item on this excellent blog I found it interesting but nothing out of the ordinary and certainly didn't expect that it would attract what will probably end up being over 100 posts.

Nothing personal to Antifascist, but please let me explain.

I was an organiser in the NF back in the 1980's when Griffin was at the head of the organisation, along with Harrington and a few others. I had also been a member back in the "heyday" when the NF counted its membership in five figures (bigger than the BNP today) and branch meetings regularly attracted three-figure attendances.

It was always taken as read even in those days that, for whatever reason, the far-right (or "nationalist movement" as we preferred to call it) played host to more than its fair share of oddballs, loonies, psychos, deviants and sundry inadequates.

Obviously we organisers didn't include ourselves amongst this number. But we were perfectly happy to use the services of this collection of weirdos to help build our movement and almost invariably kept quiet about their idiosyncrasies until or unless circumstances compelled us to disown them, which did happen rather frequently.

I can recall one particular meeting, sitting at the top table and looking around the meeting with my co-organisers, quietly pointing out with a sense of amusement the alcoholics, the psychos, the mad cultists and involuntary Hitler-saluters, the manic depressives (I recognise this is an illness and not in any way a source of shame, but there were more than their fair share on parade all the same), the sexual deviants or sexually ambiguous self-haters, attention seekers, potential suicide cases, those who enjoyed violence just for the thrill of it and those who were just plain fruitloops. I have to say that once these people had all been taken into account there weren't many others remaining.

There were very few members who we trusted to do anything more complicated than tie their own shoelaces and, in fairness to us, more often than not with good reason.

Griffin and Harrington in particular had a contempt for the ordinary members that they made very little effort to conceal, and when by the late 1980s the "movement" (i.e. our faction) had systematically transformed itself into an obscure quasi-religious cult comprising no more than 100 reasonably intelligent but completely off-the-rails and deluded individuals there was a sense of relief that came with the memory of those we had discarded.

When reading the item on your blog I was overcome with a sense of deja vu. Most of these lot probably ARE oddballs, liars and thieves and those who aren't are most likely no better thought of by Griffin and his little clique anyway. He will be using them as he - and I - used a previous generation of "nationalists" to get what we wanted.

It is a long time since I have been involved, but I suspect that those who were once members of the BNP who have any nous will long have left already and those who remain are either out of touch and thus oblivious to what is being said or else happy to be regarded as the oddballs, liars and thieves that many of them probably are and robbed and dumped upon by their own leadership.

If the policy program of the BNP was not so inhuman and vicious one could almost feel sorry for this collection of hopeless inadequates.

The only curiosity, for me, is that it should come as a surprise to anybody that Griffin sees the people who pay his inflated wages in such a way.

Sayam said...

@Anonymous 4.57pm

An excellent and thoughtful post and I'm glad the LU moderators saw fit to let it through. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

77 Comments. Astonishing. Maybe BNP members are just realising what contempt Nick griffin and his pals at the top table hold them in.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sayam.

What I didn't say, and obviously ought to have done - although hopefully it came through anyway - is that today I thoroughly reject the political views and associations that I held in those dark days.

pigeonpoo said...

Hopefully the "loonies" will wake up and smell the arsenic, realising that Gri££in hates their guts, and stop doing his dirty work, the bastard!

ianfury said...

If I had spent all of my life risking life and limb handing out Griffin's hate leaflets only to be regarded as a joke, I'd be furious with the BNP leadership to the point of demanding immediate answers and apologies from the cretins who could take their rank and file members for granted.

The contempt at which Gri££in holds his own members is way, way beyond the pale.

flo said...

Cyclops won't be making any public appearances pretty shortly, me thinks. Not a safe and advisable thing to do, even with his steroidal "rent-a-lovemuscle" brigade.

Not if there are roomfulls of latent axemurderers demanding swift answers.

His own members are now a much greater threat to him than any anti campaigners could ever be.

G said...

The BNP's very own straw of arrogance is breaking the camel's back, thank God.

Nick Gri££in has finally bitten off more than he can chew.

He has to be finished now!

Mr Jack Boot said...

There is a few oddballs, liars and plenty of trouble makers which attend a pub in Bridlington. I have seen one lonely antifash campaigning in this forgotton town and i am sure a few well mannered phone calls may help.


The Fruitloop said...

I guess NG would call me a fruitloop for I do not believe what that man would want me to believe. I do believe that the BNP have been "under tow" of the government for quite some time and the time has come for NG to take to the ejector seat.

Read into that what you will, but please bear in mind towards the end of the active service of the IRA divisions, recently declassified documents have revealed that the Provisional's Army Council took direct orders from the second in command who was known to be working for MI5.

I like this blog, because it allows stangers to post strange comments that not everybody will agree with unlike the control freaks of the BNP who will hypocritically stop you exercising free speech.

With the gulf war over, and the BNP of little of no use to the state, as part of a pay-off that would result in a retirement in Brussels/Croatia with a million pounds or more, the button for the Autopilot would be ready and waiting to be pressed.

At this point, it would be highly advantageous for both NG and GB if conspiracy theorists like me were silenced, thus the public revelation in the realm of the fleet street press labelling us as loonies and fruitloops.

I firmly believe we are living in the autopilot age, and the button has been pressed, which would give the government full control of the BNP (hidden by the official secrets act).

This is why the Labour Party are bigging up the BNP to help Nick Griffin win his seat in Brussels.


Guess Who?

housefly said...

I'd love to be a housefly on the wall of Gri££in's team meet at a run down pub on the outskirts of Oldham when several alleged fruitloops confront the master fruitloop in person.

Anonymous said...

Is this the 'best' you can do?

Probably the worst anti-BNP article I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

The shit has hit the fan. Time for action....

We can't have that! said...

88 comments??? Quick, post this one!

Bachgen said...

The BNP are making much of this - though it should be pointed out that he's the equivalent of a parish councillor!!!

"Former Plaid Cymru county council candidate and elected councillor for Llandybie, Meirion Bowen, has declared for the British National Party.

In doing do, Mr Bowen became the second BNP councillor on Llandybie Community Council, joining Councillor Kevin Edwards who represents Penygroes.

The announcement followed an article in a local newspaper where Plaid MP for Carmarthen East & Dinefwr, Adam Price, alarmed at collapsing support for Plaid in his constituency, tried to claim that voters in Carmarthenshire would not be swayed by the BNP.

In response to the article, new BNP Councillor Bowen said: “Adam Price is out of touch with reality. Plaid has turned its back on the people of Wales when they dropped the Cymru.

“Adam Price has failed the people who elected him. I attended a meeting in Carmarthen where he just buried his head in his hands and was totally out of his depth. This is going to come back and haunt him.”

Talks between BNP officials and disillusioned Plaid members (and Councillors) in areas of South Wales from Ammanford to Abergavenny have highlighted the disgust felt by many that they now have a Muslim AM representing Plaid in South East Wales, said Brian Mahoney, BNP Wales leader in his response.

“A Muslim march led by Plaid AM Mohammed Ashgar through the Welsh city of Newport to a former Welsh Chapel that is now a mosque has been the final straw for many former Plaid voters.

“It is symptomatic of the phoney nationalists in Plaid that their change of direction ignores the needs of Welsh people and puts the interests of other nationalities first. The British National Party in Wales welcomes another true nationalist into its ranks. Croeso Meirion!”"

Anonymous said...

"An oddball (left) and a liar (right)"

That's fer sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice Try Anon/Guess Who of
7:15 PM, April 20, 2009

If the "state" wants to say "Goodbye" a 9mm round in the head is a lot cheaper and safer than any pay off.

After all dead nutzies don't write thier memoires = No matter what was promised.

If anon is correct in her analysis I can predict the unfortunate demise of Cyclops via a car accident/firearms accident/ accidental drugs overdose/ asphyciation (Sic) while ezperimenting with sexual positions, or shot whilst resisting arrest.

I look forward to reading the explanation.

Old Sailor

ragdoll pooch said...

Now that the BNP leadership have officially dissed their grass roots party members as loonies and misfits, does that mean as many people are predicting that the party will suffer further rebellions with members refusing to work with Nick Griffin?

joe dosh said...

People who they thought to be their friends, have turned out to be their enemy. Griffin repays loyalty to his racist cause by ridiculing his followers as cranks and criminals, the bloody hypocrite.

tony parr said...

One of these loners who the BNP tried to ban is a childish oddball called TrueBritGrit from Newcastle often seen on LiveLeaks.

This cretin was banned from Stormfront after just two posts last year, who for some strange reason likes to publish racist bullshit conspiracy theories about the UK being under the control of a New World Order on a Vancouver forum, assuming Canadians are more up for such nonsense than united kingdom citizens.

phil said...

How far will that Gri££in twat have to go before everybody else in the BNP turns against him?

It does make you wander if most BNP members are indeed thick!

red rover man said...

Forget Plaid voters! "The final straw for BNP voters" should be the fact that the leadership hates its ordinary members, just as the ex-NF guy admits.

Like any other sort of totalitarianism, fascism abuses and exploits the labour of its followers for its own ends and means.

How can anyone in the BNP trust Nick Griffin again after discovering the truth about the arrogant way he dismisses the credentials of ordinary members.

quizmeister said...

"Their only reward for being loyal to a party which hates their guts will be Mark Collett to take over as party leader, and a disciplinary shag with Marlene Guest if they don't like it (her arse in your face until you turn gay and fancy Collett!)"

1:37 PM, April 20, 2009

Just the thought makes me cringe, lol.

Who would you errant BNP members prefer to sleep with? Marlene Guest or Mark Collett?

Answers on the back of a Mein Kamph booklet, please!

Jay said...

Both Mad Marlene and Paedo Boy were struck by the ugly stick, both have expressed a public desire for Adolf Hitler, and both are said to "like it from behind".

If it came down to having to get hot and bothered on with one of them, it would be a mightily difficult choice to make!

dj smallmouse said...

Dickhead Neo-Nazi Troll wrote..."Is this the 'best' you can do? Probably the worst anti-BNP article I've ever seen".

With over a hundred comments, it's probably one of the best articles I've come across for years, for exposing Nick Griffin's hatred and contempt of the BNP's grass roots members.

SR said...

An excellent post with some superb (and funny) responses. Well done Lancaster Unity.

Anonymous said...

Nick has always shown hatred and contempt towards the members of the BNP, unfortunately they have all been brain washed into "looking at the bigger picture" and so dear old Nick continues to rule his party with these sheeple doing as they are told and not being allowed to think for themselves. If anybody starts criticising the way that Nick runs his Party then they are quickly booted and there's a major hate campaign set up against them with the same old excuses being used time and time again i.e. they stole money from the party, they are state, they are reds, they are hardline nazi's etc etc. Yawn, it get's boring after a while.

white lightning said...

I see "Pants Pisser neo-nazi Sid Williamson" is towing the party line on the VNN forum, agreeing that idiots and extreme Hitler worshippers should be silenced, and yet, the stupid racist idiot has on his tagline some of the most extreme anti-Semitism on the net, using the word K**es to describe Jewish people, and a Hitler-style highly offensive characature of a grinning orthadox Jewish man, like the sort Goebells used to have put up on signs in Nazi Germany.

Looks like the loser's been on the white lightning again!

Hypocritical alcoholic neo-nazi BNP reject Sid ought to be slapped across the cheeks with a wet fish!

LLB Is A Loony said...

One of the biggest loonies in the BNP is Lee Barnes. I'd bet my last penny he and his hardcore lunatic ufo-and Zionistic conspiracy theories won't be silenced by dear friend Cyclops, the evil toerag!

Dark Poet said...

In other news, the Pope is Catholic, bears shit in thewoods & Mark Collett is a paedo

Anonymous said...

The more own goals that the BNP leadership score the more it makes me convinced that either the leadership is state-run and these actions are ploys to gradually run-down the BNOP once it has finished its paymaster's job, or the BNP is being led and run by a bunch of sociopaths who are utterly contemptious of their own members, own policies and party.

For such misfits and sociopaths as Nick Griffin, John Walker, Mark Collett, Arthur Kemp, John Bean and Patrick Harrington political organisations are merely extensions of their own pride and ego, and are to be milked for their money as far as possible within the law (and outside of it if it c an be done).

Many former NF members still remember both Griffin and Harrington's comtemptious attitudes and behaviour twoards their own members. Such petit-bourgeose, privately-educated and pseudo-intellectual little men as these two misfits saw groups as the NF and BNP as merely milking cows and the members as fodder. Pat Harrington, for example, is widely recalled as having sent shit in the post to mmebers of factions who oppsoed him and his own faction in the turbulent days of the NF. Meanwhile, Griffin was responsible for having a farm building built at his private farn in Suffolk using cheap NF members, ignoring the fact that dangerous asbestos was being manhandled by these young NF teenagers, whilst paying them with cheap knock-down lager bought wholesale a sit was out of date and the dates had been removed with the subtle use of a screwdriver.

Nice people who run these far-Right parties it seems...not.

Anonymous said...

Just a minor correction Anonymous, Griffin never bought the lager it was given to him free in the belief that it would be handed out to members as payment for their work on the (his) barns. Griffin and his family, like you say, scratched off the sell-by dates and flogged them to their unpaid workforce at a hefty profit.

Anonymous said...

"Pat Harrington, for example, is widely recalled as having sent shit in the post to mmebers of factions who oppsoed him and his own faction in the turbulent days of the NF."

And pornography and used condoms, so the story has it.

John P said...

Isn't there supposed to be a video of Griffin and the NF members building his barn where he is slagging them off

Anonymous said...

"Pat Harrington, for example, is widely recalled as having sent shit in the post to mmebers of factions who oppsoed him and his own faction in the turbulent days of the NF."

And pornography and used condoms, so the story has it.

The used porn must have come from his 'estranged' wife, Jacky Sharp. Wasn't she involved in some seedy business up in Leith?

As regards the used condoms the NF was full of homosexuals and bisexuals. Maybe we should ask Griffin where Harrington and his pals got the used condoms from.

Or Martin Webster come to that.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe we should ask Griffin where Harrington and his pals got the used condoms from."

Or then again, maybe we shouldn't. Some of us are still eating our breakfast you know!

But those who have already eaten or who have a strong constitution might want to ask Harrington about Shaggy Nick (not Griffin) and their sessions at the local sauna.