April 28, 2009

Labour, Lib-Dems and Conservatives back Hope Not Hate campaign against the BNP ahead of Euro elections

All three political parties in Trafford have taken a stand against the British National Party.

The motion, called the ‘Hope not Hate’ campaign, will be debated at Trafford Town Hall tomorrow night ahead of the European elections on June 4.

Labour councillor Barry Brotherton said: “The council is taking a stand by opposing those who stand to undermine Trafford. We have called upon the council to formulate a plan that engages all sections of the community to promote cohesion.”

Cllr Karina Carter added: “The BNP is going all out to win seats in the European election, hoping to exploit low voter turnout and achieve its biggest political breakthrough to date. As elected representatives of Trafford we publicly oppose the BNP and the message of hate they preach. I’m delighted that the Tories and Liberals are supporting this motion, and we will be urging as many people as possible to become active in the Hope not Hate campaign.”

Ray Bowker, leader of Trafford’s Liberal Democrats, said: “It’s most important that community cohesion is maintained throughout Trafford. It’s therefore essential that our leaders and all politicians together with people in Trafford dedicate their aims to Trafford’s motto of ‘hold fast that which is good’.”

The council stance stated: “Trafford is a very special place, vibrant, tolerant and friendly, celebrating our common heritage as well as gaining strength and prosperity from our diversity. People of different races, cultures, religions and backgrounds have made Trafford their home and contribute to the borough through education, work, enterprise, culture, entertainment and sport.

“This council is very proud of our borough and people. We oppose those who stand to undermine ‘our’ Trafford and who aim to divide our communities and create intolerance and violence against our neighbours. We resolve within the powers and duties of the council to instruct the deputy chief executive to bring forward an action plan which engages all sections of the community and promotes community cohesion.”



Beavis said...

It'd be nice if all the groups on all councils could pull themselves together and unite to make a similar statement.

Kev Scott loves the Jam said...

of course on the scumfront message boards this will be touted as 'having the mainstream parties on the run'!

I hope that the turnout is large everywhere, it will show the BNP turnout to be as pitiful as it is in reality.......... I also want to see Prick Griffith's face when they show their lowest poll ever :-)

Margaret Westbrook Trafford Green Party Euro Candidate said...

As a resident in Trafford for 30 years who has been active in local politics during that time I would wholeheartedly support the Hope Not Hate campaign. We MUST stop those who wish to divide our communities and try to undermine the phenomenal achievements of our black brothers and sisters. Given the current voting system, voting Green will be the most effective way to do this.