April 24, 2009

BNP and "bloodless genocide"

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been forced to drop the carefully constructed veneer of respectability wrapped around his party by trying to defend the contents of a leaked BNP document, the "Language and Concepts Discipline Manual". During an interview with the BBC Griffin asserted that black Britons and Asian Britons "do not exist" and that people from afro-Caribbean or Asian backgrounds should be described as "racial foreigners". Griffin also said that to describe black and Asians as British was a sort of "bloodless genocide" because it denied indigenous people their own identity.

The document describes the BNP's "ultimate aim" as the "lawful, humane and voluntary repatriation of the resident foreigners of the UK". This is not about controlling immigration. This is about racial segregation. Think about a black or Asian person you know, perhaps a friend or work colleague. Now picture them being told by a BNP administration at some point in the future: "You might have been born here and your family might have come here generations ago. But we say you are not British. You are not one of us and should not be living here. So we are offering you money to leave this country and live somewhere else". This should fill any decent person with horror. Ask yourself, what happens exactly if this supposedly generous offer is rejected? Are we supposed to believe the BNP would leave it there?

With the comments Griffin has made today, he might have finally reminded some people who have been voting for that party in protest against other parties, what the true nature of the BNP really is. After all, this is the kind of thinking the BNP tries hard to keep under wraps as it tries to win over people who feel let down by the main parties. Regardless of the makeovers and efforts to cover up the skinheads and replace boots and jeans with shoes and suits, racism has always been - and remains - at the heart of that divisive, unpleasant and statist party.

Tony Sharp

You can listen to the programme referred to in the article here or download the podcast (13MB) here.

The BNP's bizarre 'Language and Concepts Discipline Manual ' can be obtained as a pdf file from here (Warning: link goes directly to the BNP site).


H said...

Nice article. Are you going to do an analysis of the BNP document?

Anonymous said...

Here is the latest drivel from the BNP justifying their proposed "voluntary repatriation" based on goings on in Japan.


Only problem is that this is a hacked about article published by the telegraph here :


Note how the BNP article carefully removes all references to the fact that the "Brazilians" were actually of Japanese ancestry.

The Green Arrow said...

I live in a caravan.

When will my wife come back?

No point having a kitchen in the bloody thing without her is there?

Please come back, love. And please don't cut off my inernet conection.

NJ said...

Tony Sharp is right. I listened to the prog (thanks for the direct link) and Griffins racism was both obvious and appalling.

Anonymous said...

Tony Sharp has smashed the BNP's argument about the Japanese repatriation in his update on the same article


irishtony said...

So to try and understand. This fringe party of extremist lunatics who score the occasional council election would like to offer financial incentives to the following people to leave this country because the BNP say they are not British??

Rio Ferdinand
Ledley King
Ian Wright
Andy Cole
Paul Ince
Sol Campbell
Theo Walcott

To name but a few

Now I imagine the impact this info could have on potential voters who are not convinced about the pure hatred of the BNP.

Perhaps a list of footballers, comedians, celebrities and famous businessmen who the BNP say are not British, who the BNP wish to kick out of this country, who the BNP clearly hate might make any potential voters think again.

honey monster said...

Gri££in has fucked up again, excellent!

I doubt however, that he has done himself enough damage to stop him from winning the Euro seat, but fingers crossed. Well done LU, keep exposing this vile little man wherever you can.

Barbara Suzuki said...

Ah, the simplistic BNP on show again. Which category do so-called 'mixed race' people belong in? This is the fastest growing and youngest category in Britain. Must their Britishness be denied? It's as part of their genetic inheritance as any other Brit. Where do they get repatriated to? It's all such cruel bollox.