April 24, 2009

Suffolk BNP candidate arrested

The Suffolk farmer who built gallows for export has been arrested just weeks after the British National Party chose him as a candidate for the European elections.

The BNP has confirmed that David Lucas (left), of Mildenhall, was arrested on Thursday and questioned by Suffolk Police and that he had been released on bail.

A spokesman for Suffolk police said: “A 48-year-old man from Lakenheath has been arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods. He has been released on police bail to return to Bury St Edmunds police station on June.11.”

The BNP has said that the alleged incident will not prevent Mr Lucas, who lives at Eldon Farm in Holywell Row, from standing in the European election. He is in fifth place out of seven candidates from the East of England chosen by the party to fight for a seat in Brussels.

A spokesman said: “David woke up to find the police around the house. He was interviewed and then released. It follows a big fund raising party held on his property to raise funds for the campaign. We are not worried about the incident and he will remain on the party's election list of candidates.”

Nominations for the June 4 election close on May 7.

Ipswich Evening Star

BNP candidate quizzed by police

A candidate for the British National Party (BNP) has been arrested by armed police in Suffolk.

David Lucas, who is standing in the European elections, was questioned on suspicion of handling stolen goods. The arrest of Mr Lucas on Thursday is in connection with an incident at Halesworth, in Suffolk, last year.

The BNP confirmed that Mr Lucas had been arrested at his farm near Mildenhall and questioned before being released on bail.



Anonymous said...

"He has been released on police bail to return to Bury St Edmunds police station on June.11"

So voters will be allowed to go to the polls, most of them without any idea that he's on bail. Handy for the BNP.

i love nick said...

Don't worry, he'll be thrown out of the BNP straight away if he's found guilty. They are the party of law and order, they won't tolerate a criminal in their ranks.

rolf said...

The death penalty-hungry BNP in 2004 said in election material released in Yorkshire, that if they got power, they would execute ALL criminals.

Maybe he will set an example by making use of his own gallows.

@ said...

hmmmn. makes gallows for hangmen and is a member of the BNP. sounds like a lovely man and a credit to the human race!

Anonymous said...

youve GOT to put his photo up


Its hilarious... If not a little scary too

Anonymous said...

Blimey, he's a shocking example of all that is Aryan, isn't he. LOL

Anonymous said...

I bet he hates hippies.

irishtony said...

I never knew Wurzel Gummage was a member of the BNP

Racial Foreigner said...

Bloody hell, it's a genuine Neanderthal! I suppose the BNP is his natural home.

webeatthebnp said...

And I thought I looked bad with a beard !!!!!

Anonymous said...

With that photo he should be arrested just for scaring the children


Anonymous said...

Is it Europe's last surviving neathandal? I guess the BNP are a party of neathandals.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting quotes from BNP hangman David Lucas in the following interview he gave to a Newmarket newspaper. In it, he praises Saddam Hussein's record on 'law and order' and that he'll sell gallows to anyone regardless of their humans right record. Fitting candidate for the BNP:

'I'll sell gallows to anyone'11 May 2006

A farmer who makes gallows used for executions says he will carry on selling them to "anyone who wants them" despite mounting criticism from human rights campaigners.

David Lucas, 58, runs his business making the execution equipment from his Eldon Farm base in Holywell Row.

And he admitted he sells the equipment, which also includes multi-hanging execution systems which can hang five to six people at once, all over the world, regardless of the particular country's human rights records.

"I'll sell them to whoever wants to buy them," he said.
The business is currently legal but new legislation due to come into force at the end of July will outlaw it.

Mr Lucas defended his trade which he felt was perfectly acceptable.

"I've got no problem with it," he said. "At the end of the day you've got people sitting in prisons all over the world who have murdered people and little kids."

Mr Lucas also said he thought public executions had a use in some countries: "Look at Iraq. When Saddam had that country it was under control. All right, it was barbaric but it was under control."

And when asked what he thought of innocent people being executed using his gallows he said: "They were in prison for a reason".

Mr Lucas has sold gallows for about 10 years but denied a claim that he had done business with Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

He said his oak framed gallows, which cost anything from £12,000 to £100,000, were not only used for executions. Some customers had bought them as lawn ornaments or conversation pieces.

He first got into the trade through his farming of elephant grass which he exported to African countries as animal feed.

The grass is farmed on fields owned by his business partner Brian Rutterford, who also owns the land near RAF Lakenheath where the bodies of murdered Soham schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were discovered.

Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen said: "There have been gaping loopholes in the regulations concerning execution equipment for years.

"It makes a mockery of the UK's efforts to oppose the death penalty around the world if right under its nose a British company is sending hanging equipment abroad."


Anonymous said...

According to the below BBC article, David Lucas has been selling execution equipment to Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe! Check out the article:


Anonymous said...

What your article doesn't mention is what the BBC article states as its heading under the video interview with David Lucas. That:

"David Lucas was arrested on suspicion of selling illegal firearms"


Another BNP nutter involved with guns. Worrying.

Anonymous said...

Classic quote from David Lucas:

"I'm not a horrible person. I believe in law and order."

Source: http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/world/archives/2006/05/30/2003310763

Why I am not surprised to read a BNP candidate saying this and then getting arresting for something.

Anonymous said...

Is the BNP promoting the Taliban look for racial supremacists? Could also be that the Leonard Smalls character (the menacing and heavily-armed biker/bounty hunter) in 'Raising Arizona' is based on or inspired by David Lucas?

Anonymous said...

"According to the below BBC article, David Lucas has been selling execution equipment to Robert Mugabe, the dictator of Zimbabwe!"

See - the BNP isn't racist!

Anonymous said...

Is that Zaphod Beeblebrox when he got older?


Same hair 'style'.

Still beats Darby's and Kevin Scotts' comb over efforts.

Butlers given up and done a Lecomber

iliacus said...

That interview is TRYLY frightening :

There are people "who have murdered people and little kids"

So little kids aren't people?

On Saddam's Iraq - "all right, it was barbaric but it was under control"

Controlled barbarism - the BNP Way.

And if his equipment was used to execute innocent people? "They were in prison for a reason"

Yeah - like being fitted up by bent coppers; for being political dissidents; for being the wrong ethnic/ tribal/ religious group.

And the BNP think this guy would make a good MEP ???????

Anonymous said...

"And the BNP think this guy would make a good MEP ???????"

This is the truly chilling part of all this. I mean - IMAGINE!!!

3Baskets said...

Re not selling to Mugabe... that asn't what he said in the sales pitch to the People's reporter:

"He pointed to an articulated lorry trailer and said: "I build trap doors into the bottom and you can have them with the sides open so people can see.

"Depending on the length of the trailer you could use five or six gallows at the same time.

"They are expensive but you can use them over and over again. Say you only have one execution team - that's all you would need.

"They could travel around from village to village or prison to prison. It could save a lot of time." Lucas added: "They still use these in places like Libya and a few years ago I did some business with Zimbabwe so I know what your problems are."


Anonymous said...

So there it is - the Truth Truck (aka Lie Lorry) converts into a mobile execution platform, with built-in viewing area - kids go free!

Anonymous said...

This person would be welcome in my home anytime.


Anonymous said...

This man should have pride of place on the front of the next HNH leaflet, not just in Suffolk but everywhere. What other party would nominate a man who makes and exports gallows to places like Zimbabwe as a candidate for the European parliament?

Can you imagine him at Brussels? The EU would be deliberating sanctions against Mugabe and this freak would have to declare an interest because he sells him execution equipment.

The BNP hasn't had a more appealing candidate in the field since Nick Erikson stood for the GLA elections in London.

You couldn't make it up, you really couldn't!

PJ said...

wind up apparently:


still a nasty chunt though