April 30, 2009

Blackburn councillor joins English Democrats to stand against BNP

A Blackburn with Darwen councillor is taking on a national role for the English Democrats Party.

Michael Johnson, who has represented the far-right England First Party, the For Darwen Party, and is the Fernhurst ward councillor on Blackburn with Darwen Council, has taken over the role of chairman of the North West English Democrats.

He said he joined the party to stop the British National Party getting a foothold in the area. BNP leader Nick Griffin is standing for a North West seat in the European Parliament elections in June.

The English Democrats are a Euro-sceptic party which campaigns for England to be recognised and treated as a nation in its own right, as is the case with Scotland and Wales. The party also wants England to leave the European Union and to rejoin the European Free Trade Association.

Mr Johnson, 48, of Dean Street, Darwen, said: “Nick Griffin stands a very good chance of getting in. Him getting into Europe on a Lancashire ticket will be a nightmare and will spark a BNP revival.

Lancashire Telegraph


Mr Fister said...

That should knock a few % off the one-eyed wanker's vote.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, not looking too good for BNP and Griffin. Their chances of getting just one seat get slimmer each week. Another by election today and the rumour is BNP vote only went up by 2%, its another area outside their 'power' bases. They'll need more than 2% swing to secure Euro places.

Dry your eyes Nick.

Anonymous said...

also if you look at this result and the result last time it was contested only the bnp increased its vote everyone elses vote was down so dont get complacent

Anonymous said...

only increased by 1 point something. Wont be good enough in the euro elections.

Anonymous said...

actually 3 of the 5 parties increased their vote, only labour and green went down.

the Lib Dems vote went up 1.1%

BNP + 1.6%

Cons + 0.4%

Dont think + 1.6% will be good enough anywhere for the BNP to win

Anonymous said...

when i said that the bnp were the only party to increase their vote i meant in actual votes not the share of the vote my mistake

Anonymous said...

Actually, the BNP need a 1.5% increase for Gri££in to be elected in the NW, so, yes, this would be enough. Also it is not a core area for the BNP and they had been touting it for some time as a fair representation of the way the vote would go accross the region, so a 1.6% increase is very worrying.
Also, the ED candidate (to get back to the original story) is hardly squeaky-clean himself. His first choice of party was the openly racist and fascist England First Party, with no qualms about their compulsory repatriation stance; and he is a convicted football hooligan (West Ham) and still, I believe, classed as a 'Category C' for his propensity for unprovoked violence. He is also well-known for his contempt for women.
Mixed feelings about this. He may well take a few votes away from the BNP, but just as likely he'll take them from other parties as well - the ED campaign as a strongly anti-racist party and always aim for the Tory and UKIP vote first. Also, how many decent people will be brought into the orbit of this violent, racist, misogynist as a result of an area-wide campaign for him?

Anonymous said...

a party can increase its total number of votes but get a smaller share of the vote. So dont worry too much about that, it will be percentage of the vote that will see them win or fail come June.

And this result does not suggest a spectacular BNP performance, thankfully. Take heart from heart