December 07, 2009

Anti-BNP demo in Liverpool Dec 9th

Peter Tierney, a prominent local member of the British National Party, is appearing at Liverpool Crown Court next Wednesday. In April he was arrested for assaulting a man who objected to racist leaflets he was distributing in the city centre. On Wednesday he will appear to enter a plea.

We will be holding a demonstration against the BNP from 9.30am on Wednesday December 9th outside the court in Derby Square, by the Victoria monument. We have already had a positive response from other local groups concerned about the growth of the racist and fascist BNP.

At each of Tierney's court appearances, we have held demonstrations in order to expose the real politics of the BNP and to build a strong anti-fascist movement in the city. Let's have another big turnout on Wednesday to show that we won't tolerate BNP violence and racism in Liverpool or anywhere else.

Liverpool Anti-Fascists


Anonymous said...

What a freak! lol

Anonymous said...

Tellytubby Tierney.

John P said...

Isn't Peter Tierney the one who was sent in by Searchlight/ZOG/SMERSH to annoy Joey Owens?