December 14, 2009

Harrow mosque shunned by Islamophobics over request for dialogue

Anti-Islam campaigners refused requests for a dialogue from Harrow Central Mosque at a rally today

Ajmal Masroor, a spokesman for the religious institution, crossed police lines to talk to affiliates of the English Defence League (EDL) and Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) at an anti-mosque rally, in Station Road. He invited representatives of the two groups to come into the mosque and discuss their objections to Muslim religion, but the protesters rejected the offer.

SIOE leader Stephen Gash said: “What's the point of me discussing with an Imam at the mosque. What we want is the debate with John Denham and the Home Office.”

Mr Masroor said: “An invitation was made to the groups but they've refused. We spoke to SIOE, extended the arm and invited them to the mosque and they refused. Stephen Gash said it was not worth his time to come and talk to us. As a community of people we have demonstrated we are united, we are not going to be hijacked by right wing fascist and racist groups. You are not going to be able to hijack [our] harmony and peaceful existence.”

Mahmood Awan, trustee of the mosque, said: “It's a shame that they are not prepared to have a dialogue. We could have tried to build bridges but they don't seem to want to do that. All they want is to come here and disrupt our community.”

Anti-fascists confronted the English Defence League and Stop Islamisation of Europe in a peaceful protest in the car park of Harrow Civic Centre, in Station Road. Members of the two organisations chanted slogans at each other from behind metal crowd control barriers and lines of police officers.

Mr Gash said: “I don't wish to be disruptive, especially around Christmas, but I say the only recourse available to us is the streets. Nobody will allow us to talk on TV.”

Paul Brown, of central London, an affiliate of EDL, said: “We are here to protest against the relentless march of Islam in Britain and across the world. It's been going on for centuries. People have been planning this. This is what Islam is all about. They go into areas and take over and crush everyone.”

Tony McNulty, MP for Harrow East, said: “They don't know what they are talking about. It's a protest fuelled by ignorance. It's a matter of profound despair to them that Harrow is such a united, multi-faith community.”

Harrow Times

A message from Harrow Central Mosque

Victory for the peace loving people of Harrow

Today’s demonstration by the Stop Islamisation of Europe and the English Defence League was in every measure a miserable defeat for the hate mongers and the Islamaphobes.

The Harrow Central Mosque is extremely grateful that people from so many backgrounds and faiths stood shoulder to shoulder in support of and in solidarity towards this great centre of peace and harmony. The Mosque would also like to express its grateful thanks to the youth of Harrow and its surrounding areas for heeding the call to not attend this event.

During the afternoon the Mosque extended an invitation to both the groups and at one stage even directly invited the leaders of EDL to have face to face and civilised constructive dialogue with Mosque representatives. Initially they agreed but then changed their minds and went home. However, the SIOE declined to accept the invitation point blank and the leader of this group, Stephen Gash, said ‘this will be a total waste of time and fruitless exercise’.

The Mosque is always ready to welcome all people regardless of faith or background and is proud of its well long standing track record to uphold the principles of a multicultural and cohesive society.

So today was a victory for the people of Harrow and defeat for the racists and the fascists. There is only message the Mosque is willing to give- this is our home; Britain is our country; British people are our people; and we will do everything for its well-being.

Harrow Central Mosque


Harrow United said...

Thanks to everyone who came long - a decisive defeat for the EDL, yet again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"The organisers of the SIOE aspire to get 1500 hundred people here today"

"In the event there were less than 20"

That's some margin for error! ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Wait till Stoke!

Bryan said...

So much for the EDL wishing to "debate Islam". They only want to debate Islam with boots and fists, the fascist scumbags.

flo said...

"They go into areas and take over and crush everyone"...

Presumably he means drunken football louts invading areas such as Nottingham, Birmingham, Luton, London and Stoke, smashing up and pissing on everything in sight.

paul said...

The refusal for dialogue when the EDL claim they do not hate ordinary Islam, only militant Islam, shows up their lies as total and absolute bullshit.

Their refusal to speak with moderate Muslims here must be linked and brought to people's attention throughout the internet when Kelway and his racist chums troll Indymedia and newspaper comments sections with pro-EDL lies and bullshit.

So much for the EDL's desire for free speech.

smoo said...

The EDL don't want to speak because they are confirmed bigots who like Adolf Hitler's blackshirts / Mosley's brownshirts who just want to get pissed, piss and conduct racial attacks in towns and cities thoughout the UK.

The EDL are absolute utter fascist scum.

Nuh said...

"Wait till Stoke!"

You might go for a MUCH higher figure. 30 perhaps.

Anonymous said...

20 people? That's not even enought to fill a Wetherspoon's.

sara said...

The fact that the EDL won't even speak to Muslim people in a rational and civilised debate, preferring boots, fists and chucking beer bottles, shows that there is a stone cold evil at the heart of the EDL, the same chill wind which freezes the bones of the BNP.

Gee said...

I think most EDL thugs don't go anywhere on Sundays. It can't be church as most committed christians, even religious extremists, wouldn't kick the shit out of people.

Most EDLers probably get pissed until 4pm on Saturday nights and wake up for the Sky Sports game on 4pm. They are after all, brainless louts.

The ringleaders at the demo, including the EDL's "Minister of Misinformation" - Troll-In-Chief Trevor KKKelway who presumably turned up, are hardcore neo-Nazis who will not allow rational debate to get in the way of their race hate agenda.

Anonymous said...

I've just spotted this on another blog, that fascist Kemp is a complete violent bastard.

'With his marriage collapsing, Arthur Kemp became violent, especially toward Stephan, Karen Mills said. Once, when Stephan was about eight, he hit his son's face until his nose bled and blood spattered on the bedroom wall, she said. He stopped only when the maid's screams brought Karen rushing into the room and she pulled Kemp off Stephan. Later, Kemp allegedly beat Stephan while his mother was at work. The backs of Stephan's legs were so swollen that he could not bend them to get into his bath. "If you ever hit my child again," she told Kemp, "I'll kill you."

He left the family in November 2006. "Picture this situation," Stephan wrote in November 2008 on Lancaster Unity. "I am fast asleep on thursday morning and when i wake i find that he is gone and then i receive a phone call from him telling me he is on a flight to London… THIS ASSHOLE DIDNT EVEN HAVE THE MANNERS TO SAY GOODBYE TO MY FACE!! I have not seen my father in now [a]bout two and [a] bit years."

Mom used to joke with me that I have the Kemp laziness gene — but definitely not his political views," he said.'

Anonymous said...

Gash is an apt name for a fukin' cunt!